Dental Student Research Program

The Program

Dental student research presenters at the national AADR annual meeting
Dental student research presenters at the national American Association for Dental Research (AADR) annual meeting.

The opportunity to conduct research with faculty mentors is a major reason why students choose to attend the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics. Whether examining patients for dental-related stress or evaluating the response of cultured cells to implant materials, students are furthering dental knowledge daily at Iowa.

The Dental Student Research Program provides several sources of research program opportunities for students. Student research award recipients will learn about a specific research area and gain experience in working with a laboratory team, a dentist scientist, and a faculty mentor who has achieved recognition as a contributing member of the scientific community. Awardees are encouraged to present their research at the annual meeting of the Iowa Section of the AADR, the annual AADR/IADR meetings, or other specialty meetings.

Research at the College reflects the complex nature of today's health care needs. Many different approaches are employed, ranging from tissue engineering to public health research. Each collegiate researcher holds an appointment in a clinical department of the College of Dentistry. These faculty, in turn, collaborate on research projects centered in the collegiate laboratories. Although collegiate faculty devote a substantial portion of their time to research, they also share teaching and patient care responsibilities with clinical faculty.

The Dental Student Research Program is directed by Dr. Teresa Marshall, professor in the Department of Preventive & Community Dentistry. Drs. Satheesh Elangovan, professor in the Department of Periodontics, and Justine Kolker, associate professor in the Department of Operative Dentistry, supports the program as assistant directors. Ms. Kate Bruner, program administrator, assists in coordinating activities through the Office of Dental Student Research.