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Recruiting A New Dentist

Iowa Practice Opportunities (IAPO) can provide assistance in recruiting a dentist to an Iowa community or practice.

For dentists seeking an associate or selling their practice, IAPO can help facilitate communication with those who are looking for an opportunity through a listing on the IAPO website or by sharing information about the opportunity in a one-on-one conversation with an interested person. When appropriate, IAPO can assist with engaging community involvement in recruitment.

For communities, IAPO can assist with the development of a recruitment task force, identifying potential incentives, and promotion of the community and the opportunity.

Recruiting New Dentists in Iowa:  A guide for your community to be successful was developed to aid dentists and communities in Iowa in the recruitment process.  For a printable PDF copy, click on the cover image on the right side of the screen.  The online version is available on our website.

Please contact the IAPO to start recruiting today.