Iowa Medicaid 

Effective July 1, 2018 The College of Dentistry no longer accepts new adult Medicaid patients (Dental Wellness Plan).

The College of Dentistry will continue to accept new child patients on Medicaid (Title XIX), under the age of 18 years old.

Before you begin treatment:

  • Consult with the Business Office after you receive a completed treatment plan to be sure your services are covered. Some services are not covered under Medicaid, and others have frequency limitations. If you receive these services you will be billed.
  • Please be aware there is a $1,000 annual maximum for adults covered by Medicaid. Patients are responsible for paying anything over $1,000. Some treatment procedures are exempt from the $1,000 maximum including emergency care, diagnostic and preventive services, and removable partials and dentures.
  • Approval of prior-authorization does not guarantee payment.
  • Changes in coverage must be reported to the College of Dentistry. Medicaid is the last payer so if you have dental insurance, you are required to inform us.

Patients are expected to pay in full for any services not covered by Title XIX including co-pays and final balance.