Iowa Medicaid (Title XIX)

The College of Dentistry accepts only Iowa Medicaid (Title XIX) for payment.

Not all Iowa Title XIX programs have dental benefits. It is your responsibility to know what your Title XIX coverage includes. If you are unsure of your benefits, ask the clerk to verify your coverage.

Patients are required to share in the cost of service by paying a $3.00 co-payment for each day that there is a charge. Co-payment is not applicable if you are:

  • Under age 21
  • Pregnant
  • Reside in a nursing home, state mental health institute, or a residential care facility.

Covered Services for Adults:

  • Cleanings, fluoride, radiographs (x-rays), fillings, root canals, crowns and complete dentures are payable by Title XIX but may have frequency limitations.
  • Partial dentures, periodontal scaling/root planing, and root canal re-treatment are payable with a prior authorization. This must be requested in the Business Office.

Non-covered Services for Adults Include:

  • Bleaching, onlays, diagnostic casts, and periodontal surgeries such as crown lengthening, and orthodontics.
  • Bridges and implants may be payable, but only with an established medical necessity.

Before you begin treatment:

  • Consult with the Business Office after you receive a completed treatment plan to be sure your services are covered. Some services are not covered under Medicaid, and others have frequency limitations. If you receive these services you will be billed.
  • Approval of prior-authorization does not guarantee payment.
  • Changes in coverage must be reported to the College of Dentistry. Title XIX is the last payer so if you have dental insurance, you are required to inform us.

The College of Dentistry participates in the Medicaid program as a provider of service and must accept the payments that the program makes and will not bill additional charges to the patient for services covered under the program. Patients are expected to pay in full for any services not covered by Title XIX, including co-pays and final balance.