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Biostatistics and Research Designimage of Dr. Qian working with Dr. Brogden

The Biostatistics & Research Design division provides statistical support to the College of Dentistry. Activities include assistance with study design, planning of data management procedures and data base structure, assistance with grant proposal preparation, conduct of statistical analysis, and preparation of abstracts and manuscripts. The unit is headed by Deborah V. Dawson, Ph.D., Sc.M., who has over thirty years' experience with analysis of biomedical data, including both clinical and basic science research, and is responsible for coordination and oversight of unit activities. She is assisted by Fang Qian, Ph.D., who has expertise in economic and large data base analysis, and bears primary responsibility for providing statistical assistance to predoctoral and graduate students involved in research. Both Dr. Dawson and Dr. Qian are located in the Iowa Institute for Oral Health Research. Dr. Dawson holds an academic appointment in the Department of  Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Qian holds an adjunct faculty academic appointment in the Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry.

Dr. Deborah Dawson
Statistical evaluation of clinical, basic science, and epidemiologic research data; statistical genetic modeling of human disorders, particularly dental disorders, developmental disorders, and immune and inflammatory disorders; meta-analysis.
Dr. Fang Qian
Categorical data analysis, survival analysis, time series analysis, longitudinal data analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, sample size and power analysis.
Staff Biostatistician: Derek Blanchette
Management of large databases, data quality, relational database design and operations, and survey design and analysis, as well as nonparametric statistics, statistical computing, and experimental design.