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Description of Program

The mission of The University of Iowa College of Dentistry is to educate dentists for Iowa and beyond through excellence in education, patient care and research.

The Iowa Dental Advanced Standing Program offers dentists trained outside the United States the opportunity to earn a US-accredited DDS degree. This degree will enable graduates to apply for a license to practice dentistry in most states. Successful completion of a pre-matriculation course is required prior to the Advanced Standing Program students joining the D3 year.

Contact Information

Office of Admissions
Iowa Dental Advanced Standing Program
Dr. Terry Lindquist, Program Director
Kelly Smith, Admissions
University of Iowa College of Dentistry
Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Program Details

Length of Program:  24 months
Program Deadline:  September 1, 2019
Start Date:  March 10, 2020
Class Size:  4
Degree Awarded:  DDS

DDS Program

Third Year DDS Program
Iowa's third year is much different from that of other schools. It is a year of clinical rotations from one specialty to another in all dental specialties. These in-depth studies occur in concentrated five-week periods. At the end of the third year of study, students will have developed skills in every area of dentistry.
Third Year Schedule of Courses

Fourth Year DDS Program
During the fourth year of the program, all skills are integrated in the Family Dentistry Clinic.  Treatment planning and patient management skills are emphasized as students practice in a simulated office setting, providing comprehensive dental care to patients.  Ten weeks of the D4 year are spent in programs outside the College (extramural programs).
Fourth Year Schedule of Courses