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Find a Mentor

Walker Clark and his mentor, Dr. Arwa Owais, the Student Research Group Mentor of the Year

Walker Clark and his mentor, Dr. Arwa Owais, the Student Research Group Mentor of the Year

Dental students who are interested in research should consider two questions before scheduling an appointment with a possible mentor: What type of research interests you?  Which faculty member might be an appropriate mentor for you?  The following faculty members are either currently serving as mentors or have agreed to list their names as possible mentors.  Students interested in research should contact the mentor directly.  If a faculty mentor is unable to take new students, it may be necessary to discuss alternate possibilities with other faculty members who are working in related areas.  Possible mentors are not limited to the following list; any University faculty member who is involved in research may serve as a mentor for a dental student's research project.

Faculty who would like to have their names added to this list or who would like to update their listing should contact Lynn Schaul by phone at (319) 335-7404 or e-mail at


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Dr. David Drake Dr. Fabricio Teixeira Dr. Anne Williamson


Family Dentistry
Dr. Christopher Barwacz Dr. Brian Howe Dr. Cheryl Straub-Morarend Dr. Marcos Vargas


Operative Dentistry
Dr. Steven Armstrong Dr. Justine Kolker Dr. Rodrigo Rocha Maia Dr. Erica Teixeira Dr. Cristina Vidal


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Steven Fletcher Dr. Kirk Fridrich Dr. David Gratton Dr. Douglas Kendrick Dr. Kyle Stein


Oral Pathology, Radiology & Medicine
Ms. Karen Baker Dr. Azeez Butali Dr. Alberto Gasparoni Dr. Cindy Marek Dr. Marcia Sampaio Campos Dr. Christopher Squier Dr. Philip Wertz


image of Dr. Veerasathpurush Allareddy Dr. Nathan Holton Dr. Lina Moreno Uribe


Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Jeffrey Banas Dr. Deborah Dawson Dr. Matthew Geneser Dr. Kecia Leary Dr. Tad Mabry Dr. Arwa Owais Ms. Cathy Skotowski Dr. Karin Weber-Gasparoni


Dr. Gustavo Avila-Ortiz Dr. Kim Brogden Dr. Satheesh Elangovan Ms. Nancy Slach


Preventive & Community Dentistry
Dr. Daniel Caplan Dr. Hong Chen Dr. Xi Chen Ms. Marsha Cunningham-Ford Dr. Peter Damiano Dr. Raymond Kuthy Dr. Steven Levy Dr. Leonardo Marchini Dr. Teresa Marshall Dr. Susan McKernan Dr. Michelle McQuistan Dr. Fang Qian Dr. John Warren


Dr. Isabelle Denry Dr. Julie Holloway Dr. Liu Hong Dr. Galen Schneider


Potential and Current Mentors Outside the College of Dentistry
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering - Dr. Julie Jessop
Hematology/Oncology - Dr. James McNamara
Infectious Diseases - Dr. Philip Polgreen