The Origins of the Dental Student Research Program at Iowa

Although there were predoctoral students who participated in dental research in the late 1960s through the 1970s, it wasn't until the early 1980s that former Dean James McLeran appointed Dr. Charles Kremenak as the first dental student research program director. A National Institute for Craniofacial Research (now NIDCR) grant received by Dr. James Wefel in 1985 helped officially establish the College of Dentistry's Dental Student Research Program.

Along with the establishment of the Dental Student Research Program, the Iowa Section of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) was created; it is overseen each year by a faculty member who serves as president of the Iowa Section.

The National Student Research Group (NSRG) originated in 1980 through the foresight of Dr. Irwin D. Mandel who at that time was president of the American Association for Dental Research.

Four UI College of Dentistry students have been president of the NSRG: Ron Hathaway (1983); Leslie Winston (1987); Gregory Evans (1995); and Peter Cho (2004).

The Student Research Group (SRG) officers have included:
2020-2021:  Jordan Roszhart (President), Caroline LaRoy (Vice President), Emily Starman (Secretary-Treasurer), Jasmine Butler (D4 Representative), Kelsey Wenger (D3 Representative), Sydney Woods (D2 Representative), TBD (D1 Representative) 


2019-2020: Nicole Krois (President), Erika Takanami (Vice President), Jordan Roszhart (Secretary-Treasurer), Donte Nesbitt (D4 Representative), Caroline LaRoy (D3 Representative), Charlie Rupp (D2 Representative), TBD (D1 Representative).

2018-2019: Leah Barshinger (President), Nicole Krois (Vice President), Frankie Chyi (Secretary-Treasurer), Josh Colvin (D4 Representative), Amanda Phan (D4 Representative), Erika Takanami (D3 Representative), William Burns (D2 Representative), Emily Starman (D1 Representative).

2017-2018: Erica Recker (President), Leah Barshinger (Vice President), Alison Christensen (Secretary-Treasurer), Paula Gomez (D4 Representative), Elise Montesinos (D3 Representative), Frankie Chyi (D2 Representative), William Burns (D1 Representative).

2016-2017: Erica Recker (President), Stacey Howes (Vice President), Ally Supowitz (Secretary-Treasurer), Sean McGivern (D4 Representative), Elliott Glenn (D3 Representative), Samantha Resnick (D2 Representative), Frankie Chyi (D1 Representative).

2015-2016: Erica Recker (President), Ed Pantzlaff (Vice President), Hayley Rinehard (Secretary-Treasurer), Courtney Bohn (D4 Representative), Sean McGivern (D3 Representative), Taylor Austin (D2 Representative), Leah Barshinger (D1 Representative), Samantha Resnick (D1 Representative).

2014-2015: Eddie Pantzlaff (President), Erica Recker (Vice President), Courney Bohn (Treasurer), Austin Foster (Secretary), Kate Zimmerman (D4 Representative), Jessica Gradoville (D3 Representative), Sean McGivern (D2 Representative), Taylor Austin (D1 Representative).

2013-2014: Lauren Harvey (President), Hannah Anderson (Vice President), Courtney Lickteig (Treasurer), Jessica Grabouski (Secretary), Chong Shao (D4 Representative), Kate Zimmerman (D3 Representative), Eddie Pantzladd (D2 Representative).

2012-2013: Joseph Kelly (President), Lauren Harvey (Vice President), Amber Shimek (Treasurer), Christina Schiltz (Secretary), Christina Mulcahy (D4 Representative), Monica Popowski (D4 Representative), Kandy Thomas (D3 Representative), Jonathan Van Hemert (D2 Representative), Eddie Pantzlaff (D1 Representative)

2011-2012: Joseph Kelly (President), Hillary Guenther (Vice President), Christina Schiltz (Treasurer), Christina Gleichman (Secretary), Sandy Imoehl (D4 Representative), Karl Kohlgraf (D4 Representative), JJ Grabouski (D3 Representative), Amber Shimek (D2 Representative).

2010-2011: Karl Kohlgraf (President), Sandy Imoehl (Vice President), Stephanie Dorn (Treasurer), Katie Motz (Secretary), Deborah Dietrich (D4 Representative), July Coyne (D3 Representative), Joe Kelly (D2 Representative), Brian Popp (D1 Representative).

2009-2010: Deborah Dietrich (President), Jordan Poss (Vice President), Karla Thole (Secretary), Noemi Cruz-Orcutt (Treasurer), Will McBride (D4 Representative), Lindsey Pingel (D4 Representative), Jessica Flanigan (D3 Representative), Karl Kohlgraf (D2 Representative), Sandra Imoehl (D2 Representative), Joseph Kelly (D1 Representative).

2008-2009: Lindsey Pingel (President), Will McBride (Vice President), Aaron Williams (Treasurer), Karla Thole (Secretary), Mike McEwan (D4 Representative), Ben Fuller (D4 Representative), Sara Murrell (D3 Representative), Deborah Dietrich (D2 Representative), Sandra Imoehl (D1 Representative).

2007-2008: Mike McEwan (President), Lindsey Pingel (Vice President), David Haderlie (Treasurer), Will McBride (Secretary), Matthew Pyrfferoen (D4 Representative), Lindsay Compton (D4 Representative), Jared Sorensen (D3 Representative), Aaron Williams (D2 Representative), Deborah Dietrich (D1 Representative).

2006-2007: Lindsey Compton (President), Dan Whitney (Vice President), Mike McEwan (Secretary), Chris Hansen (Treasurer), Scott Steward Tharp (D2 Representative), Cameron Perigo (D3 Representative), Mary Haley (D4 Representative), Jessica Lawson (D4 Representative).

2005-2006: Jessica Laughlin (President), Matthew Miller (Vice President), Mary Haley (Secretary), Dustin Hopkin (Treasurer), Dan Whitney (D2 Representative), Luke Darling (D3 representative), Chris De La Mater (D4 Representative).

2004-2005: Ryan Morris (President), Jessica Laughlin (Vice President), Brad Rand (Secretary), Neal Jones (Treasurer), Leslie Anderson (D2 Representative), Chris De La Mater (D3 Representative), Janelle Eckdhal (D4 Representative).

2003-2004: Michael Allen (President), Klint Butler (Vice President), Ryan Morris (Secretary), Janelle Eckdhal (Treasurer), Jessica Laughlin (D1 Representative), Kyle Mann (D2 Representative), Brand Rand (D2 Representative), Neal Jones (D3 Representative), and Emily Greenbowe (D4 Representative).

2002-2003: Matthew Clegg (President), Patricia Boyd (Vice President), Jamie J. Heying (Secretary), Janelle Eckdhal (Treasurer), Stanton Widmer (D2 Representative), Tamim Sifri (D3 Representative), Monica Wilwert (D4 Representative).

2001-2002: Brandon Brown (President), Bradley Kelloff (Vice President), Melissa Roehm (Secretary, Patty Boyd (Treasurer),

2000-2001: Dominic Morio (President), Matthew Tonioli (Vice President), Jared Pearson (Secretary), Erik Rooklidge (Treasurer), Scott Hoyer Bradley Kelloff (D2 Representative), Brandon Greenwood (D3 Representative), Robert Jones and Paul Harris (D4 Representatives).

1999-2000: Rob Jones (President), Eric Knox (Vice President), Paul Creer (Secretary), Kevin Rencher (Treasurer).

1998-1999: Meredith Quimby (President), Ammon Jones (Vice President), Rob Jones (Secretary), Jared Pearson (Treasurer).

1997-1998: Pamela Bhalla (President), Meredith Quimby (Vice President), Dawn Wunderle (Secretary), Jason Schmit (Treasurer).

1996-1997: Teresa Rubey (President), Jason Schmit (Vice President), Rebecca Wilson (Secretary), Derek Nordeen (Treasurer).

There have been several dental students who have received AADR Fellowship Awards:

Taylor Austin (2016, mentor: Dr. David Drake) 
Joseph Tesene (2007, mentors: Drs. Philip Wertz and Christopher Squier)
Jessica Boehrs (2007, mentor: Dr. Galen Schneider) 
Christopher Barwacz (2005, mentor: Dr. Stefan Streck) 
Jonathan Dejong (2004, mentor: Dr. Clark Stanford) 
Matthew Abraham (2001, mentor: Dr. Galen Schneider).