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Research: Recent Scientific Presentations


ADEA (American Dental Education Association), San Antonio, March 2014

From Classroom to Clinic. Marshall TA, Straub-Morarend CL, Guzman-Armstrong, S 

Implementing the Affordable Care Act—Update for Academic Dentistry (F,4-9 years) P. Damiano


AADR (American Association for Dental Research), Charlotte, March 2014

Predicting Caries Risk in Healthcare Settings-Sociodemographics of Baseline Responses. M. Fontana*, G. Eckert, R. Jackson, B. Katz, M. Keels, A. Kemper, J. Lepkowski, B. Levy, S.M. Levy, P. McKnight and N. Swigosnki

Appraisal of Systematic Reviews on Caries Prevention in Pediatric Dentistry. J. Orgill*, S. Elangovan and T.A. Marshall

Individual School Lunch Eligibility and Dental Treatment Needs. E. Moellers*, R.A. Kuthy and F. Qian

Monitoring Dentist Workforce: Iowa’s Trends Since 1997. R.A. Kuthy* and S.C. McKernan

Cross-Sectional vs. Longitudinal Fluoride Intake Measures as Correlates of Fluorosis. K. Pagan-Rivera*, P. Bhagavatula, S. Levy, J.J. Warren, B. Broffitt, and D. Dawson

Eliminating Medicaid Adult Dental Coverage Increases Use of Emergency Departments. A. Singhal*, P. Damiano, C. Buresh, D. Caplan, M. Jones, R.A. Kuthy and E.T. Momany

Effects Of Antibiotics On Oral Bacteria In American Indian Children. A. Whitesell*, J. Warren, D. Drake, F. Qian, K. Phipps, D. Starr, D. Dawson and T.A. Marshall

Changes in Dental Students' Attitudes Towards Treating Underserved Populations. N. Major*, M. McQuistan and F. Qian

Patterns of Fluoride Intake From 6-17 Years of Age. E. Babor*, B. Broffitt, J.J. Warren and S. Levy

Longitudinal Course of Caries in Young Native American Children. D. Blanchette*, D. Dawson, J. Warren, K. Phipps, D. Starr, T.A. Marshall and D. Drake

Factors Associated with Early Childhood Caries among Alabama African-American Children. T. Ghazal*, S. Levy, N. Childers, B. Broffitt, G. Cutter, H. Wiener, M. Kempf, J. Warren and J. Cavanaugh

Oral health behaviors, BMI and beverage consumption in adolescents. J. Garcia*, J.J. Warren, T.A. Marshall, B. Broffitt and S.M. Levy

Dental Arch Shape and Integration in a Cross-Sectional Sample. S. Miller*, S. Levy, J. Warren, T. E. Southard and L.M. Moreno

Iowa Dentists’ Willingness to Utilize Auxiliaries to Perform Restorative Procedures. B. Darling*, M. Kanellis, S.C. McKernan and P. Damiano

Practitioner Compliance in Providing Appropriate Treatment Following Caries Risk Assessment. H. Anderson*, J.J. Warren, M. Jarrett and C. McBrearty

Assessment of Factors that Classify Patients as High Caries Risk. M. Jarrett*, J.J. Warren, H. Anderson and C. McBreartyGenotype

Diversity and Transmission of Streptococcus mutans in American Indians. A. Villhauer*, D. Lynch, D. Dawson, J. Warren, T.A. Marshall, K. Phipps and D. Drake

Deciduous Tooth Eruption Patterns in American Indian Children. D.V. Dawson*, D. Blanchette, K. Kramer, J.J. Warren, K. Phipps, D. Starr, T.A. Marshall and D. Drake

Caries Prevalence in American Indian Children at Age 36 Months. J. Warren*, D. Blanchette, D.V. Dawson, K. Phipps, D. Starr, T.A. Marshall, and D. Drake

Early Diet and Oral Hygiene Behaviors and Adolescent Caries Experience. K. Thomas, T.A. Marshall*, B. Broffitt, J.J. Warren and S.M. Levy

Developing an Assessment Tool to Review Electronic Patient Education Materials. J. Kirch*, S.C. McKernan, M. McQuistan and C. Straub-Morarend

Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacilli in Young American Indian Mothers. N. Saur*, A. Villhauer, D. Lynch, F. Qian, D. Dawson, J. Warren, T.A. Marshall, K. Phipps and D. Drake

Role of Mutans Streptococci Co-colonization in SECC of American Indians. D. Lynch*, A. Villhauer, D. Dawson, J.J. Warren, T.A. Marshall, K. Phipps and D. Drake