Pre-Doctoral Program: Student Awards 2013

The Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry held their Awards Luncheon on June 5, 2013 in the Oral B Classroom. The following students received awards.

Teahen and Warren


Ryan Teahen (DDS ’13) received the American Association of Public Health Dentistry Award from Dr. John Warren.

Wenger, Cowen, Teahen, Miller


Jon Wenger (DDS ‘13), Dr. Howard Cowen who presented the following awards, Ryan Teahen (DDS ‘13), and Megan Miller (DDS ‘13). Jon Wenger received the Joel B. Huth Scholarship Award. The award is presented to a senior student who is interested in special populations and above average clinically. Ryan Teahen received the June McCarney Scholarship Award. Megan Miller received the Excellence in Dentistry for the Elderly Award. This award is presented to a student who shows exceptional clinical proficiency and understanding of complex oral health needs of the frail elderly and medically complex adults.

Hiserote and Davison


Daniel Hiserote (DDS ‘13) received the Dental Lifeline Network Volunteer Awards, which was presented by Dr. Jay Davison (Dental Lifeline Network). The award is presented to a senior student who has participated in volunteerism and community outreach projects and/or provided service for the elderly, medically compromised, and/or people with disabilities.

McQuistan and Major


Dr. Michelle McQuistan and Nicole Major (D2). Nicole was recognized for receiving an IADR ERG Student Travel Award. Her mentor was Dr. McQuistan

Bell, Levy amd Branson


Ian Bell (D3), Dr. Steve Levy, and Dan Branson (D3). These students, along with Levi Zarbano, Diana (Rich) Pelzer, and Zack Stecklein (all D3s) who were unable to attend, were recognized for their leadership in the Dental Public Health Student Club.



Not pictured:

  • Joseph Kelly (DDS ‘13) received the W. Philip Phair Preventive Dentistry Award, which was presented to him by Ms. Marsha Cunningham-Ford. The award is presented to students who show exceptional interest and leadership toward the improvement of health and the well-being of society through a commitment to preventive dentistry. His mentor was Dr. Satheesh Elangovan.
  • Mike Pagano (D3) was recognized for receiving fourth place in the Procter & Gamble Pre-doctoral Poster Competition. His mentor was Dr. Teresa Marshall, Preventive & Community.
  • Chong Shao (D3) was recognized for receiving fifth place in the Procter & Gamble Pre-doctoral Post Competition. His mentor was Dr. Michelle McQuistan.

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