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Pre-Doctoral Program: Course Descriptions

Required courses:

PCD:8116 Fundamentals of Clinical Dentistry - 1 s.h.
Identification of health and disease in the mouth; practical methods of disease control, philosophy of preventive dentistry; patient assessment, clinical diagnosis.

PCD:8117 Cariology and Preventive Therapies - 2 s.h.
Multifactorial etiology of dental caries; support data for use of fluorides, sealants, antimicrobials, and plaque control mechanisms in prevention of caries. Prerequisites: 111:116.

PCD:8118 Preventive Dentistry Assessment and Patient Care - 3 s.h.
Patient oral assessment, communication, patient management skills; preventive dentistry risk assessment, oral hygiene instruction for collegiate recall patients; skills in instrumentation for detection, removal of calculus deposits. Prerequisites: 111:116 and 111:117.

PCD:8245 Clinical Preventive Dentistry – 0,2 s.h.
Experience providing complete prophylaxis and preventive services for college patients; application of nutrition principles and communication skills in a clinic setting. Prerequisites: 111:118.

PCD:8360 The Practice of Dentistry in the Community I - 1- 2 s.h.
Issues related to the role of the dental professional at a local and state level, including dental public health, health literacy, cultural competency, and forensic dentistry; the role of the state dental director.

PCD:8361 The Practice of Dentistry in the Community II - 1-2 s.h.
Factors that affect the profession and practice of dentistry, including basics of health care systems in the U.S. and in other countries; health care reform; Medicaid; dental insurance; health care delivery systems; legal and malpractice issues; dental utilization and dental workforce; quality of care.

PCD:8485 Broadlawns Medical Center - arr.
Dental care to low-income patients in a metropolitan hospital-based clinic; community-related assignments; student team experience in Des Moines.

PCD:8486 Colorado Migrant Program - arr.
Experience providing primary dental care and outreach services to a migrant population; broad understanding of needs, resources for migrant, low-socioeconomic populations.

PCD:8487 Community Health Care: Davenport - arr.
Experience providing dental care at medical-dental ambulatory health care facility serving Scott County; community-related assignments.

PCD:8488 St. Lukes-Dental Health Center - arr.
Experience providing clinical and outreach services for low-income children and adults with developmental disabilities at St. Luke's Hospital, Cedar Rapids; operative and behavioral dental problems, hospital protocol, special needs of low-socioeconomic clients.

PCD:8489 Geriatrics and Special Needs Program - arr.
Experience in Geriatric and Special Needs Clinic and Geriatric Mobile Dental Unit; comprehensive care for medically, physically, cognitively compromised adults, including frail elderly nursing home residents with portable equipment, other underserved populations.

PCD:8491 Private Practice Preceptorship - arr.
Development of skills and knowledge necessary for day-to-day practice of dentistry; experience at selected preceptor sites in Iowa.

PCD:8494 Special Field Clinic - arr.
Extramural experiences developed according to student needs, extramural opportunities.

PCD:8496 Siouxland Community Health Center - arr.
Experience providing dental care at medical/dental ambulatory health care facility; community-related assignments.

Current University of Iowa General Catalog - D.D.S. Program Courses