Iowa Fluoride Study and Iowa Bone Development Study Theses and Dissertations



Yadunwashu, Kalyani. Risk factors for adolescent caries incidence in the Iowa Fluoride Study.


Ahuja, Vinti. Oral health related quality of life among Iowa adolescents.

Blackwelder, Aaron. Association between dietary factors and malocclusion.


Kavand, Golnaz. Associations of adolescents' and parents' dental esthetic perceptions with dental fluorosis and the Dental Aesthetic Index: a longitudinal study.


Bhagavatula, Pradeep. Fluorosis in the early permanent dentition: evaluating gene-environment interactions.

Rankin, Scott. Dietary fluoride intake of Iowa Fluoride Study children with an emphasis on solid foods.

Cooperstein, Elaine Constance. Physical activity levels of urban and rural young children in the Iowa Bone Development Study.


Mariri, Boipelo. Effects of medically administered antibiotics and dietary habits on dental caries experience in the primary dentition.



King, Maggie Marie. The vertical jump test as a health promotion screening tool for predicting bone strength in young adults. 


Kwon, Soyang. Physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness, adiposity, and cardiovascular health in children and adolescents.

Chankanka, Oitip. Dietary intake and dental caries in children.

Phattarataratip, Ekarat. The role of salivary antimicrobial peptides in shaping Streptococcus mutans ecology.


Wenthe, Phyllis J. The predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors associated with physical activity and sedentary behavior in males and females during early adolescence. 


Hong, Liang. The associations of diffuse opacities of dental enamel with amoxicillin use during childhood.


Eichenberger-Gilmore, Julie. Influence of early infant diet on bone density during childhood.