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Preventive & Community Dentistry Fact Sheet

Ralph Baughman

Pre-Doctoral Education - responsible for 17 pre-doctoral courses including cariology, prevention, communication, experiential learning, nutrition, ethics, community dentistry and administration of extramural experiences.

  • Courses in each year of pre-doctoral curriculum
    • Clinical courses include:
      • Preventive clinic (D1-2)
      • Required extramural programs (D4), including:
        • Geriatric and Special Needs Dentistry Clinic
        • Geriatric and Special Needs Dentistry Mobile Unit - Using portable dental equipment, provide comprehensive dental care for residents of 10 nursing homes in a four-county area. ADA Geriatric Oral Health Care Award (1998)
        • Two sites per student, each 5 weeks in length - Includes
          • Iowa community health centers
          • VA medical center
          • children's dental services at area hospital
          • private preceptorships
          • a few out-of-state locations (e.g., Indian Health Service, Colorado Migrant Program)
        • At least 15 percent of time spent performing non-treatment community service

Graduate and Postdoctoral Education

  • Responsible for 16 graduate courses
  • 2-year Dental Public Health graduate program
    Commission on Dental Accreditation accredited since 1975
    Offers MS degree (thesis required)
  • Geriatric and Special Needs Dentistry Certificate Program

Main Areas of Research

  • Fluoride ingestion/exposures and dental caries/dental fluorosis
  • Fluoride ingestion and childhood bone development
  • Diet and oral health
  • Genetics and dental caries/dental fluorosis
  • Early childhood caries epidemiology and prevention
  • Oral health services research, focusing on cost, access, quality of care, and outcomes
  • Epidemiologic study of oral problems in the elderly

Current Students

  • 300 pre-doctoral (College of Dentistry)
  • 8 M.S. (Dental Public Health)
  • 1 Ph.D. candidate
  • 1 Post-doctoral Fellow
  • 2 GSND Fellows

Department Faculty

  • 6 Professors
  • 1 Clinical Professor
  • 1 Assistant Professor
  • 1 Clinical Assistant Professor
  • 4 Visiting Faculty
  • 64 Adjunct Faculty, primarily extramural clinical sites
  • ADEA/GlaxoSmithKline Excellence in Teaching Award (2003)
  • One endowed professorship
  • 4 Diplomates, American Board of Dental Public Health
  • 1 Diplomate, American Board of Special Care Dentistry


  • 1.5 Secretarial
  • 1 Dental Hygienist (Geriatrics and Special Needs)
  • 4 Dental Assistants (Geriatrics and Special Needs)
  • 6 Research