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Preventive & Community Dentistry Contacts



Faculty General Practice Clinic
Phone:  319-335-8232
Fax:  319-353-5375


Geriatric & Special Needs Clinic*
Phone:  319-335-7373
Fax:  319-335-8788


Preventive Dentistry Clinic*
Phone:  319-335-7255
Fax:  319-335-5399

Department Main Office
Phone:  319-335-7184
Fax:  319-335-7187


Graduate Program
(MS) in Dental Public Health

Dr. John Warren
Phone:  319-335-7205
Fax:  319-335-7187


Geriatric & Special Needs Program*
Dr. Howard Cowen
Phone:  319-335-7373
Fax:  319-335-8788


Oral Sciences PhD Program
Dr. Steve Levy
Phone:  319-335-7185
Fax:  319-335-7187

* Clinical care provided by dental students under faculty supervision.