Department of Pediatric Dentistry Children's Oral Health & the Primary Care Provider - An Oral Health Training

children with toothbrush

This oral health training is intended for medical and dental professionals, and all other professionals involved with young children. Its purpose is to familiarize these professionals with different topics related to the oral health of young children such as caries epidemiology, preventive measures, anticipatory guidance, as well as the incorporation of oral health into the medical home. The oral health training is composed of one introductory presentation and 6 teaching modules. Each teaching module has a pre- and post-test in case those who take this training would like to assess their knowledge improvement. We recommend the pre-test to be taken soon before viewing the teaching module and the post-test to be taken soon after viewing the teaching module. An answer key to each teaching module test is available.

Oral Health Teaching Module Introduction
This introductory presentation highlights the purpose of the oral health training, intended audience, funding support, disclosures, authors and acknowledgements.
Oral Health Teaching Module 1
This module presents definitions of various dental terms and early childhood caries, barriers to access to dental care, consequences of untreated dental disease, components of caries prevention, the role of the primary care provider in caries prevention, and how to incorporate oral health into the medical home.
Oral Health Teaching Module 2
This module presents the epidemiology of early childhood caries, the factors that place children at higher risk for developing this dental disease, and clinical findings that are predictive of high early childhood caries risk.
Oral Health Teaching Module 3
This module is designed to teach health professionals how to perform a knee-to-knee oral screening exam for infants and toddlers, gain access to a child’s mouth and restrain a child’s body movements during an oral screening exam, identify clinical findings predictive of high caries risk for infants and toddlers, and identify caries in its different stages (non-cavitated (white spots) vs. cavitated lesions).
Oral Health Teaching Module 4
This module presents information on the mechanism of action of fluoride and available fluoride therapies.
Oral Health Teaching Module 5
This module presents the history and science behind fluoride varnish, why fluoride varnish is appropriate in the medical practice, how to incorporate fluoride varnish into the medical practice, as well as presents video clips on fluoride varnish applications in the medical setting and sources where fluoride varnish can be ordered.
Oral Health Teaching Module 6
This module presents the components of early childhood caries prevention, specific dietary and hygiene recommendations for target population (pregnant women, infants, toddlers, and preschool aged children), fluoride recommendations for the various age groups, and suggestions for parents/caregivers about brushing strategies.
Oral Health Teaching Module 7
This module presents website resource information on dental caries, water fluoridation fluoride varnish, video clips on fluoride varnish application, as well as information for parents on anticipatory guidance, dietary and oral hygiene habits, the role of fluoride and importance of the dental home.