pediatric dentistry treatment area in Dental Science BuildingThe Department of Pediatric Dentistry presently operates in two facilities. One is the pediatric dentistry clinic in the Dental Science Building and the other is the pediatric dentistry clinic at Center for Disabilities and Development (formerly The University Hospital School).

The major site for predoctoral instruction is the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in the Dental Science Building. The contemporary open bay design was constructed in 1973. There are 15 operatories in the open area and one chair in an enclosed “quiet operatory”. Dispensary services are provided in a center aisle. Each operatory is equipped to access patient electronic records to check on patient scheduling and to enter treatment plans. A separate room is available for preventive dentistry instruction and demonstrations.

Center for Disabilities and Development The faculty practice is located in the pediatric dentistry clinic in the Center for Disabilities and Development. This clinic contains 4 chairs in an open bay design, one enclosed “quiet operatory”, dispensary, radiology room, dark room, dental laboratory and record room. This clinic has undergone a number of renovations over the years with the last in 2001. Free parking is available adjacent to the CDD building.


UIHC Children's Hospital

The Children’s Hospital of Iowa is located within the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Our faculty and residents provide care to children in a number of Pediatric sub-specialty programs and work closely with our colleagues in Pediatric Medicine to ensure that all children receive quality care and have a dental home.