Department of Oral Pathology, Radiology & Medicine
--- Sterilizer Monitoring Program Instructions

Directions for strip use:
Please refer to Resistance Characteristics on the Certificate of Analysis attached to each package of strips for recommended sterilizer settings.

Sterilizer Operators: Please place the blue packaged strip in your sterilizer (large bag for transport only). Do not peel or open the strips. Run them with a load to be sterilized and return them to us immediately after sterilization with a completed submission request form.

If strip is negative (sterilization is successful) a report will be sent to your office approximately two weeks after submission.

If strip is positive (sterilization failed) your office will be notified by telephone and an additional strip will be sent to your office to retest the machine.

Directions for renewal:
Enclosed near the end of your submission request forms, you will find a renewal notice. Please do not renew until the enclosed supplies are low.

After we receive the renewal form with your prepayment, you will be sent testing materials and directions for the next testing period.

Thank you for participating in the University of Iowa Sterilizer Monitoring Program.
If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-626-4692