Oral Pathology:  Soft Tissue Case #28


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Patient: Adult woman.

Chief Complaint:
The patient requests treatment for a blister on her upper lip. The lesion has been present six weeks, fluctuates in size, is not painful, and does not bleed. The lesion has not been treated. The patient is not aware of anything that makes the lesion better or worse. The patient does not recall any recent, specific trauma to the area.

Medical History:
No abnormalities are identified.

Dental History:
Routine care. No abnormalities are identified.

Clinical Findings:
The lesion is a well-circumscribed, 5 x 7 mm soft tissue enlargement of the upper left labial mucosa. It does not bleed during examination. It is nontender, compressible, and fluctuant to palpation. It is fixed to the surface mucosa but not to underlying structures. It has a smooth surface. The lesion is blue but does not blanch upon palpation. Lymphadenopathy is not present.

Clinical Images
blister on the labial mucosa of the upper lip
Blister on the Labial Mucosa of the Upper Lip


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Soft Tissue Enlargements
Salivary extravasation phenomenon