Oral Pathology:  Soft Tissue Case #13


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Patient: Young child, either sex.

Chief Complaint:
The patient's parents are concerned about a pigmented area on the lower lip. The pigmentation has been present for six weeks, is asymptomatic, but is becoming progressively darker. The parents state that the child spends a lot of time in the sun.

Medical History:
No abnormalities are identified.

Dental History:
No abnormalities are identified.

Clinical Findings:
A localized area of pigmentation about 3 mm in diameter is present on the midline of the lower lip. The lesion is nonthickened, nontender and does not blanch.

Clinical Images
pigmented area on lower lip close-up of pigmented area
Lips, with Pigmented Area on Lower Lip Close-up of Lower Lip and Pigmented Area


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Localized pigmented surface lesion

Lesions to Exclude from the Differential Diagnosis:
Intravascular lesions
  ~Blanch upon pressure
Extravasated blood lesions
  ~Red, blue or purple (not brown)
  ~Resolve or begin to resolve in less than 6 weeks
  ~Do not become progressively darker
  ~The patient would have reported trauma if it had occurred on the lip
  ~Color – these are gray to black, not brown
Oral Melanotic Macule
  ~Occurs on non-exposed mucosal surfaces
  ~Does not darken when exposed to sunlight.
Nevus and melanoma
  ~Usually thickened
  ~Do not darken when exposed to sun

Lesions to Include in the Differential Diagnosis:
Ephelis (Freckle)
  ~Non-thickened, non-tender, does not blanch
  ~Color – Brown
  ~Darkens when exposed to sunlight

Patient education: It is a freckle, it will get darker with sun exposure, and no treatment is needed.  Routine follow-up is recommended.  Discuss with the patient the value of using sunscreen to prevent sun damage and skin cancer formation.

Final Diagnosis:
Ephelis (Freckle)