Condyloma acuminatum

Image Description
Condyloma acuminatum Condyloma acuminatum presenting as multiple, rough, warty lesions on the dorsum of the tongue.
Condyloma acuminatum Here is an image of a gingival growth in a young homosexual male who was aware of the presence of genital warts in himself and in sex partners. The growth was rapidly-enlarging and seemed papillary on the surface. It was attached by a narrow base and was easily excised.
Condyloma acuminatum Here is a low-power microscopic image of a condyloma of the vulva, showing the general features of such lesions. We observe epithelial hyperplasia, acanthosis and papillomatosis without features of epithelial dysplasia. Virally-modified cells are seen in the upper spinous layers as pale-looking dots at this power.
Condyloma acuminatum Here is a medium-power image from the vulvar condyloma shown previously. The vacuolated cells in the upper spinous layer are called koilocytes, and contain virus. There is nonspecific acute inflammation, also.