Want to be an Operative Dentistry Resident Patient?

Operative Dentistry residents provide general dentistry through risk-based diagnosis, prevention and minimally-invasive treatment of caries and hard tissue lesions. Our goal is to use best available evidence, to achieve and maintain optimal patient oral comfort, function and esthetics. We work closely with other disciplines in the college to achieve the comprehensive treatment of our patients.operative clinic

Operative residents are accepting referrals for patients needing comprehensive care in operative and general restorative dentistry, including esthetic restorative cases. In addition we accept referrals for limited restorative and esthetic treatment. Cases and procedures include:

  • Direct restorations: Resin-based composite, dental amalgam and glass ionomers
  • Advanced esthetic cases with direct resins: Ex. Realignment, peg lateral build-ups, diastema closure, polychromatic Class IV restorations
  • Indirect restorations: Single unit gold, PFM and all-ceramic onlays/ crowns and 3-unit FPDs, porcelain laminate veneers, CAD CAM restorations
  • The restoration of single tooth implants (under supervision of Prosthodontic faculty)
  • Comprehensive evaluation of dental caries and disease control for high caries risk patients
  • Referrals for limited restorative treatment/esthetics

Please call our clinic clerks at (319) 335-7217 to request a consult or make a referral to the Operative graduate clinic.