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Thesis/Dissertation Title

Hanan A. Elgendy 2016 Comparison of light propagation in dental tissues and nano filled resin based composite
Aditi Jain 2016 A biofilm-based aging model for testing degradation of dental adhesive microtensile bond strength
Abdullah M Alshehri 2016 Effect of Innovative Double-Layer Treatment on Nitrate Penetration and Tooth Color Change
Carolina Garcia  2015 Effect of the lingual margin con guration on the fracture strength of class IV resin based composite restorations under static loading
Paula Ortega 2015 Eight-year report of stepwise excavation procedure outcomes in a US academic setting
Mohammad AlRefeai 2015 The assessment of multiple factor effect on the survival of anterior composite restorations at UICOD between 1995-2013
AbouEl Naga, Mohammed 2014 A comparison of gingival marginal adaptation and surface microhardness of class II resin based composites (conventional and bulk fill) placed in layering versus bulk fill techniques
Alammari, Rawa 2014 Assessment of color di erence between the tooth as a whole and underlying dentin
Alghaith, Lamya 2014 The effect of ceramic translucency and thickness on the polymerization of light-cured adhesive resin cement
Cohen, Joshua 2013 The Association Between Cariescan Pro Readings and Histologic Depth of Caries in Non Cavitated Occlusal Lesion in Vitro
Talungchit, Supitcha 2012 Enhancing Resin-Dentin Bond Effectiveness and Durability: The Role of Ethanol-Wet Bonding Technique, MMP-Inhibition (Chlorhexidine) and Photoinitiator Systems
Restrepo-Kennedy, Natalia 2012 Effect of Dehydration on In-Office Bleaching Color Changes
St.-Pierre, Laurie 2012 Effect of finishing and Polishing Direction on the Marginal Adaptation of Resin-Based Composite Restorations in Vitro
Barizon, Karine 2011 Relative Translucency of Ceramic Systems for Porcelain Veneers
Kim, MyungJoo (Julie) 2011 Consumers' Choice of Dentist: How and Why People Choose Dental School Faculty as Their Oral Care Provider
Kwon, So Ran 2011 The Relationship of Hydrogen Peroxide Exposure Protocol to Bleaching Efficacy
Oliveira, Deise 2011 Comparison of the University of Iowa's Community-Based and University- Based Pediatric Dental Clinics
Vaseenon, Savitri 2011 Relationship Between Caries-Affected Dentin Mineral Dentistry and Microtensile Bond Strength
Mendieta, Carolina 2010 Association Between Visual Characterization of Root Caries and Histological Severity In Vitro
Amer, Rafat 2009 Designing and Evaluating an Interactive Dental Educational Module to Teach Freshman Dental Students
Attathom, Tipapat 2009 Effect of Ethanol Wet Bonding to Caries Affected Dentin
Gopalakrishna, Aadarsh 2009 Impact of Different Acid Etching Time on Microtensile Bond Strength to Vital Dentin
Sitbon, Yves 2009 Epithelial Cells Attachment on Five Different Dental Implant Abutment Surface Candidates
Elashvili, Ana 2008 A Comparison of Student Performance Between Conventional Lectures and Lectures Using an Audience Response System
Meharry, Michael 2008 A Comparison of Micro Digital Photography (MDP) and Quantitative Light Induced Fluorescence (QLF) in Early Caries Detection
Meredith, Patricia 2008 Effects of Storage Time on Reproducibility of Detail of Irreversible Hydrocolloid Impression Materials
Sabatini, Camila 2007 Effect of Pre-Heated Composites and Flowable Liners on Class II Gingival Margin Adaptation
Sheharyar, Shaista 2007 The Use of MI Paste for Sensitivity Associated with Nightguard Vital Bleaching
Thunpithayakul, Chaiyasri 2007 Relationship Between In Vitro Microtensile Dentin Bond Strength 'Durability' and Annualized Failure Rates in NCCLS
Pulido, Teresa 2006 Remineralization effect of CPP-ACP combined with fluoride in initial artificial lesions in enamel
Vachiramon, Viracha 2006 The Effect of Potassium Oxalate on Resin-Dentin Bond Durability
Gaskin, Elizabeth 2005 Fluorescence Changes in Remineralized and non-Remineralized Enamel Adjacent to Glass Ionomer Art Restorations after pH Cycling: An In-Vitro Study
Maghaireh, Ghada 2005 The Effect of Energy Application Sequence and C-Factor on Microtensile Bond Strength
Watanabe, Hidehiko 2005 The Fracture Toughness Comparison of Six Resin Composites
Branco, Juliana 2004 Evaluation of Tooth Color Change for In-Office and at-Home Bleaching Systems
Cavalheiro, Alexandre 2004 Effect of Primer Application on Dentin Permeability
Arvelo, Betzi 2003 Effect of Enamel Preparation on the Microtensile Bond Strength of Self-Etching Primers
da Costa, Bruno 2003 Color Stability after Accelerated Aging of Resin Composites Using Different Photoinitiators
Kolker, Justine 2003 PhD in Oral Science The Natural Treatment History of Teeth Restored with Large Amalgam or Crown Restorations: Factors Associated with Subsequent Treatment, the Timing of Subsequent Treatment and the costs Associated with Treatment Selection
Ajlouni, Raed 2002 Effect of Surface Preparation on Resin to Enamel Shear Bond Strength with Self-Etching Adhesive Systems
Al-Helal, Abdullah 2002 PhD in Oral Science Cavity Surface Interaction with Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer: Surface Morphology, Interface Adaptation, Tooth Demineralization and Fluoride Uptake
Aziz, Kalid 2002 Effect of Storage Conditions on Biodurability of Resin-Dentin Bond
Oonsombat, Charuphan 2002 Effect of Surface Contamination on Shear Bond Strengths of Self-Etching Bonding Systems
Setien, Victor 2002 PhD in Oral Science Interfacial Fracture Toughness and Fluoride Diffusion between Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer and Dentin
Chavez, Carlos 2001 Effect of Metal Primers on a Gold-Palladium Alloy for Porcelain Fused to Metal Repair
Hernández, Marcela 2001 Effect of Bonding Systems as Amalgam Liners on Artificial Caries
Pasciuta Lopez, Marianna 2001 Shear Bond Strength of Total Etch Two-Step Primer/Adhesive Systems with Dual and Chemical-Cure Resin Cement
Al-Omari, Qasem 2000 Effect of Low Elastic Modulus Liners under Posterior Composite Restorations on Cuspal Deflection and Gap Formation
Ibarra, Gabriela 2000 Microtensile Bond Strength of Self-Etching Adhesives to Prepared and Unprepared Enamel
Kolker, Justine 2000 Treatment Outcomes for Teeth Restored with Large Amalgams and Crowns
Leal, Francisco 2000 Microleakage in Class V Restorations Using Varying Power Densities and Durations
Nordin, Jeff 2000 Cutting Effectiveness of Operative Diamond and Carbide Cutting Instruments
Senna, Guilherme 2000 The Effect of Composite Resin Polymerization Shrinkage on Dentin-Composite Resin Microtensile Bond Strength
Bergeron, Cathia 1999 Quantitative Contribution of Interfacial Components to Resin-Dentin Adhesion
Guzmán-Ruiz, Sandra 1999 Evaluation of Joint Integrity between Indirect Composite Restorations and Tooth Structure
Setien, Victor 1999 Microleakage of Class V Composite Resin Restoration Prepared with Different Cavity Preparations Devices
Abu-Hanna, Amer 1998 The Effect of Variation in Conditioning Times on Dentin Bonding
Armstrong, Steve 1998 PhD in Oral Science Mechanical Testing and Failure Analysis of the Dentin-Adhesive Resin-Resin Composite Bonded Joint
Williams, Derek 1998 The Effect of First Increment Variation and Cure Method on Microleakage in Class II Composite Restorations
Chan, Kong Won 1997 Microleakage of Class V Composite Resin Restorations With Different Cavity Designs
Gordan, Valeria 1997 Acidic Primer in Dentin and Enamel: Shear Bond Strength and Microleakage
Jain, Poonam 1997 Effect of Dedicated Desensitizing Agents and Dentin Bonding Agents on Dentin Permeability
Bouschlicher, Murray 1996 Effect of Light Intensity, Laser Polymerization and Configuration Factor on Polymerization Contraction Forces
Oliviera, Maria Luiza 1996 Knowledge and Attitudes of Senior Dental Students About Maintenance of Esthetic Restorations
Tu, Shin-ing (Jeremy) 1996 Effects of shortened incremental light curing time and interruption time on the bottom hardness of two light-cured posterior composites.
Cobb, Deborah 1995 In Vitro Temperature Change at the Dentin/Pulpal Interface Using Conventional Visible Light Versus Argon Laser
Diefenderfer, Kim 1995 Adhesive Amalgam Restorations: In Vitro Comparison of Shear Bond Strengths of Ten Resin/Alloy Combinations
Ratananakin, Thanin 1995 Effect of Condensation Techniques on Shear Bond Strengths of Amalgam Bonded with Three Dentin Bonding Systems
Fortin, Daniel 1994 In Vitro Comparison of Bond Strength and Microleakage of Dentin Bonding Systems
Silberman, Jaime 1994 Effects of All-Bond 2, Optibond, All-Bond 2 Primer and Laser Irradiation on the Prevention of Root Surfaces Demineralization in Vitro
Vargas, Marcos 1994 Effect of Glass Ionomer Restorative Material and Two Composite Resins on Microleakage of Class II Restorations
Henriques Perdigao, Jorge 1993 In Vitro Bond Strengths of Dentin Bonding Systems to Normal, Hypermineralized, and Demineralized Human Dentin
Imamura, Glenn 1993 Enhancement of Resin Bonding to Heat Cured Composite Resin
Brodeur, Carole 1992 The Relationship between Time and Quality in Perceptual Motor Skills in Dentistry
Ghosh, Sudip 1992 Prevention of Root Caries Using Fluoride
Monserud, Gerald 1992 An Investigation of the Effect of Age on the Shear Strength of Composite Resin to Enamel for Three Different Etch Times
Suliman, Abdul Haq 1992 PhD Thesis Deformation of Teeth by Composite Resin Polymerization Shrinkage
Cvitko, Elizabeth 1991 Effect of Different Matrix Types and Polymerization Techniques on Microleakage of Class II Composite Resin Restorations
Elhabashy, Ali 1991 Influence of Dentin Permeability and Hydration on the Bond Strength of Dentin Bonding Agents
Triolo, Peter 1991 A Comparison of the Bonding Strength of the Dentin Adhesive Systems
Fahl, Newton 1989 Effect of Porcelain Thickness on the Fracture Resistance of Etched-Porcelain Tablets Resin-Bonded over Varying Substrates
Maroli, Shamala 1989 Regional Variation in the Permeability of Dentin
Swift, Edward 1989 In Vitro Caries-Inhibitory Properties of a Silver-Glass Ionomer
Xu, Shao Fan (Kevin) 1989 Bond Strength of Composite to Porcelain Prepared with Various Chemical and Mechanical Surface Treatments
Spir, Alejandra 1988 Surface Characteristics of Human Enamel and Dentin: A SEM Study
Suliman, Abdul Haq 1988 The Effect of Etching and Rinsing Times and Salivary Contamination on Etched Glass Ionomers Bonded to Composite Resins
Srisawasdi, Sirivimol 1987 The Effect of Smear Layer Removal on Microleakage of Class V Restorations In Vitro
Benhenni, Dalila 1986 Microleakage of Composite Resin Restorations: Literature Review
Chan, Chun-Chung (Lawrence) 1986 Fracture Resistance of Amalgam and Composite Resin Cuspal Restorations
Covey, David 1986 Marginal Ridge Strength of Modified Class II Cavity Preparations
Oliveira, Fernando 1986 Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Prepared Teeth Using Various Restorative Materials
Sheth, Purnina Jiten 1986 Cuspal Deformation and Fracture Resistance of Teeth Using Dentin Adhesives and Composite Resin
Chen, Cheng-Shen (Robert) 1985 Stress Analysis on Premolars Due to MOD Inlay Preparations: A Finite Element Study
Chan, Daniel 1984 Composite Adhesion to Human Dentin
Morin, Sylvie 1984 In Vitro Leakage of Restorations Located at the Cemento-Enamel Junction
Neo, Jennifer 1984 A Study of the Variables Affecting Microleakage of a Composite Resin
Doukoudakis, Spiridon 1982 Retention from Various Numbers and Sizes of Pins in Relation to the Conservation of Tooth Structure
Phair, Craig 1982 In Vitro Microleakage of Cervically Placed Restorations
Schulein, Thomas 1982 Bond Strength and Hardness of Light-Cured Composites
Bagheri, Jamshid 1981 The Effect of Bevel and Restoration Length on the Retentive Strength of Composite Resin Restorations of Fractured Anterior Teeth
Guiragossian, Arda 1981 Marginal Sealing Effectiveness of Amalgam Restorations with Varnish or Intermediate Resin on Acid-Etched Enamel
Hamdy, Tahany 1981 Microleakage of Amalgam Restorations: Effect of Dimensional Changes
Prevost, Andre 1980 The Use of an Intermediate Resin for Acid-Etched Enamel
Askarieh, Zohreh 1979 Marginal Leakage Behavior of Class II Cavity Preparations
Azarbal, Parvin 1979 The Effect of Different Placement Techniques on the Adaptation of Composite Resin to Cavity Margins
Chalkley, Yvonne 1979 A Study of Bond Strength Between Plastic Laminates and Restorative Resins
Reinhardt, John 1979 Mercury in the Expired Breath of Dental Patients
Entebi-Yedid, Solomen 1979 A Comparative Study of the Shear Strength of Three Esthetic Restorative Materials on Enamel and Dentin
Hormati, Abbas 1978 The Fracture Strength of Amalgam when Condensed over Different Types and Thicknesses of Base Materials
Noorian, Zahra 1977 The Effect of Different Condensation Techniques on the Marginal Adaptation of High Copper Amalgam
Espinosa, Henry 1976 Resin Supported Enamel via Internal Acid-Etch
Khera, Satish 1974 ? (MS in Prosthodontics)
Torney, Dennis 1974 The Retentive Value of Dentin in the Acid Etch Technique
Hatch, Royce 1973 A Comparative Study of Four Pulp Capping Materials
Nelson, Ron 1973 Effect of Retentive Pins on the Strength of Composite Resin
Luebke, Neill 1972 The Establishment of a Criterion Score
Fuller, James 1971 The Effects of Training and Criterion Models on Interjudge Reliability
Denehy, Gerald 1970 An Analysis of the Programmed Self-Instructional Teaching Machine in Dental Education
Field, Michael 1970 An Exploratory Study: Audio-Visual Testing in Operative Dentistry
Ostrom, Theodore 1970 The Delayed Effects of Volunteer Summer Clinical Experience Immediately Following a Technic Course
Rowberry, Stewart 1970 Task Analysis: A Method to Inspect Dental Teaching
Taklan, Samir 1967 Extensive Study and Evaluation of the Different Types of Retentive Pins Used in Amalgam Restorations
Butts, Herbert 1966 A Prediction Study of Dental Student Achievement
Light, Ernest 1966 An Introductory Programmed Manual of Clinical Endodontics
Chan, Kai Chiu 1964 The Use of Epoxy Resins as Adhesives in Dentistry
Darby, Dean 1964 An Intensive Study Unit in Operative Dentistry: A First Study
Khowassah, Mohamad 1964 A Pilot Study of an Adhesive for Restorative Materials in Dentistry
Darby, Dean 1962 Clinical Techniques for Silicate Restorations
Madden, Richard 1962 Microbiological Comparison of Dental Handpieces: A Pilot Study