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November 17, 2017
Dental Anatomy Final Project Drawings

Dr. Hanan Elgendy, course director for Dental Anatomy, introduced a sketching exercise into the course this year.

80 freshman students have been exposed to a different kind of experience that started in Fall 2017. The Dental Anatomy course, which is 12 weeks, offered the students extensive laboratory sessions and weekly assignments. Students undergo weekly evaluations.

As the college of dentistry is “School of Art and Science”, one of the main goals for this course is to develop their artistic vision and perceptual skills through visual art and the drawing of natural teeth which will allow them to learn morphology and nomenclature and enhances their creativity by stimulating the creative language mode of the right side of the brain. Each student is given silver-coated natural teeth images (anterior, posteriors) as a model for drawing. Detailed step-by-step movies are given to students. Students were given the option to use either paper sketch to draw their teeth or any drawing app on their tablets. Students were given tooth dimensions and measurements to enable them to draw all the teeth that they are waxing with all aspects (Mesial/Distal/Facial/Occlusal-Incisal/Lingual).

Some feedback from students:

- “I enjoyed the drawing assignments. They were a hands-on activity to learn the anatomy. I thought the best part about them was they helped you understand the dimensions of crown in comparisons to the root.”

- “I thought that the drawing assignments were a great way to think about dental anatomy from another medium. However, because it is very time consuming to do the drawings, I found myself flying through it to try to complete it.”

- “The drawings were a great way to understand the line angles and point angles of the teeth. Drawing was a fun and low stress way to learn. The fact that it was a completion grade really made doing the assignment more enjoyable.”

- “I thought that the drawing assignments were a nice change of pace. They aided in learning the relative dimensions and occlusal anatomy.”

- “Overall, I think you should keep it. I think it broke up the monotony of some of our other school work and does tie together the artistic side of dentistry (along with the whole class of dental anatomy) better than any other class we have encountered so far.”

- “I enjoyed having an assignment that was hands on, it was a nice change of pace. I thought that the drawing assignments enhanced my ability to identify important anatomical characteristics of teeth, in addition to challenging my artistic ability.”

November 1, 2017
Dr. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong a Founder and Secretary  of American Academy of Cariology; First Meeting Held in Atlanta

American Academy of Cariology Meeting

American Academy of Cariology meeting text


September 17, 2017
Operative annual Fall Picnic.

Fall picnic 2017

The Operative Annual Fall Family Picnic was held at the Quail Ridge Park, North Liberty-IA. One more time, Ms. Michelle Zubcic did an amazing job organizing the event. This year the meal was catered by the Tacos Don Diego food truck! It has been a great time to celebrate Fall with the Operative family members.


July 30, 2017
Dr. Restrepo-Kennedy; Dr. Tom Grubbs; and Dr. Hamad Algamaiah, participated on the annual Health Science Visit Day.

annual health science visit day


June 16, 2017
Dr. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong is one of the co-founders and first secretary of the American Academy of Cariology

american academy of cariology


May 18 , 2017
Operative Dentistry Awards Banquet 2017

Operative Dentistry presented student awards at their annual department Spring Banquet on Thursday, May 18th.  Dr. Erica Teixeira presented to the class of 2018:  Peter Douglas received the Academy of Operative Award, Aaron Keith received the Wallace W. Johnson Operative Dentistry Award and Aaron Kotecki received the Dr. Walter Williamson Student Award.  Dr. Justine Kolker presented research awards:  Elliott Glenn (class of 2018) received the Carl Svare Predoctoral Research Award and Dr. Watcharaphong Ariyakriangkai (3rd year resident in Operative Dentistry) received the Carl Svare Postdoctoral Research Award.  Abe Freybler (Class of 2020) is the recipient of this year’s Rudy Minger Memorial Award, which will be presented at a later date by Dr. Natalia Restrepo-Kennedy.  Congratulations to all of the award recipients and best wishes for your continued success.

operative dentistry awards banquet 2017

Photo caption  left to right:  Dr. Steve Armstrong, Dr. Watcharaphong Ariyakriangkai, Aaron Kotecki, Aaron Keith, Elliott Glenn, Peter Douglas, Dr. Erica Teixeira


May 7 , 2017
155th Annual Meeting of the Iowa Dental Association (IDA) in Cedar Rapids - IA.

annual meeting of IDA


March 26 , 2017
95th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, which will be held in conjunction with the 46th Annual Meeting of the AADR and the 41st Annual Meeting of the CADR in San Francisco - CA.

iadr exhibition


February 25 , 2017
Annual Meeting of the Academy of Operative Dentistry 2017 in Chicago - IL.

academy of operative dentistry annual meeting


February 17 , 2017
STEM event held at the College of Dentistry.

stem event

girls go stem event


February 14 , 2017
64 Annual Meeting of the Iowa Section of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR).

aadr annual meeting

Congratulations to award winners from the local AADR research day and their mentors.


Max Smith Competition – Postdoctoral

max smith competition

Procter & Gamble (P&G) Competition – Predoctoral

procter & gamble competitionprocter & gamble competition - yu

ADA Table Clinics Competition – Predoctoral

ada table clinics competition

ADA Table Clinics Competition – Postdoctoral

ada table clinics competition - postdoctoral

Operative Dentistry Postdoctoral Award

operative dentistry postdoctoral award

Evidence Based Section Awards

evidence based section awards

January 13 , 2017
Dr. Erica Teixeira part of ACPEF Curriculum Development Team for Adding Digital Technology to Dental School Curriculum.

drs boonsiriphant and teixeira


Drs. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong and Justine Kolke Co-Authored one paper of the top 10 Journal of Dental Education (JDEA) picks for 2016.

jde editor picks