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December 29, 2014

New little hawkeyes from Thailand 

thai baby updates



happy holidays


December 19, 2014

Operative Dentistry Department featured at DSB Weekly 

dsb weekly operative news

Check the DSB Weekly issue 1107 here: DSB Weekly 12-19-2014


December 6, 2014

Operative Dentistry Departmental Winter Party

2014 operative winter party

Dr. So Ran Kwon and her family hosted the annual Departmental Winter Party at their home. The traditional feast and gift exchange were done after the amazing dinner followed by beautiful songs played at the piano. THANKS everybody for coming.



November 14, 2014

Dental Anatomy Celebration

dental anatomy confraternization

Dr. Kwon invited the Operative department to celebrate the last day of the Dental Anatomy course with an excellent oriental dinner.


November 13, 2014

Painting and Fun

operative painting night

The Operative Department had a lot of fun and a very relax time during the painting night. It’s a great opportunity for our department to get together and enjoy some social time.


October 25, 2014


A perfect fall day greeted thousands of prospective students and family members at the first You@UI visit event, which mixed campus tours, interactive sessions on academics, and other experiences designed to show what it's like to be a University of Iowa Student. Dr. Carolina Garcia (Operative Dentistry - Grad Student 3rd year) has participated as an instructor during the sessions in the Sim Clinic (check photo #7 at You@UI ).


October 18, 2014

Canoe Ride for fall leaves

operative canoe ride 2014

operative canoe ride 2014 - dr denehy and grad students

Dr. Denehy organized a canoe ride with the Graduate students from Monticello to Pictures Rocks - IA. It was a GREAT time ! ! !
Next adventure: cross country skiing this winter . . . See you there :)


October 17, 2014

We are Phil campaign'14

we are phil campain '14

Operative Department Representation :)


October 9, 2014

Academy of Dental Materials'2014

academy of dental materials 2014

drs steve armstrong and sandra guzman-armstrong

Drs. Steve Armstrong and Sandra Guzman-Armstrong at the Academy of Dental Materials Annual Meeting from Oct 8th-11th, 2014 in Bologna, Italy at the Gala Dinner in the Ferrari Museum.


August 18, 2014

2014 All College Conference 


2014 all college conference

Dr. Steve Armstrong, Ms. Cindy Wiedenhoff and Ms. Valerie Vevera - Department of Operative Dentistry, were honored for their 15 years and 25 years of service to the College of Dentistry during the 2014 All-College Conference.



August 16, 2014

BISCO Key opinion symposium 

Bisco KOL Symp 2014

Drs. Steve Armstrong, Bob Margeas and Marcos Vargas attended a key opinion leader symposium at Bisco on August 15-16, 2014.


August 4, 2014

Dr. Justine Kolker gave birth to twins (girl and boy) on 8-1-2014

justine kolker and twins

kolker baby girl      kolker baby boy

Jeanette “Nettie” Lane Kolker was born at 11:13PM and Jamisen Nile Kolker followed closely at 11:15PM


June 28, 2014

IADR 2014 - Cape Town, South Africa (June 25-28, 2014)


Dr. Steve Armstrong during his poster presentation: 36 Month Clinical Evaluation of One-step Self-etching Adhesive in NCCLs



Dr. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong during her poster presentation: Eight-Year Report of Stepwise-Excavation Outcomes in a US Academic Setting


June 24, 2014

Dr. Satish Khera's potluck retirement

dr. satish


June 12, 2014

2014 Staff retirement and dinner at IMU

Staff Retirement

Dr. Steve Armstrong, Linda Mitchell and Jerry attended the 2014 Staff retirement and dinner held at the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU). Linda retired on October 2013 after working for 26 years in the College of Dentistry (last 4 years in Operative Dentistry).


June 04, 2014

Light Curing in Dentistry meeting

Dr. Richard Price organized a symposium at Dalhousie University, Halifax - Canada (May 28th - 30th 2014) aimed at discussing light curing and to develop strategies to educate other practitioners about the proper use of curing lights. The main topics presented included how manufacturers can improve the design of curing lights, the potential negative impacts of using cheaper, unbranded curing lights that are available online, and strategies to better inform dentists on the proper use of curing lights.

Dr. Steve Armstrong

Dr. Steve Armstrong during his presentation - Teaching light curing to students and dentists - Experiences from the University of Iowa “  created by him and Dr. Marcos Vargas (FAMD).


May 23, 2014

2014-15 Dental Student Research Program Awards

Iowa Dental Student Research award'14-15

03 Operative Dentistry's faculties are mentoring 05 dental students that were awarded as part of the Iowa Dental Student Research Program (see list above). The program provides several sources of research and opportunities for students. A student research awarded will learn about a specific research area and gain experience in working with a laboratory team, a dentist scientist, and a faculty mentor who has achieved recognition as a contributing member of the scientific community. Awardees are encouraged to present their research at the annual meeting of the Iowa Section of the AADR, the annual AADR/IADR meetings, or other specialty meetings.

May 15, 2014

Operative Dentistry faculty retreat

Our Departmental faculty retreat was held May 14-15th in Galena, IL. It’s a great opportunity for our faculty to get together, plan for the upcoming year and enjoy some social time together. 

2014 operative dentistry faculty retreat


May 2, 2014

Iowa Dental Association 2014

Paula Ortega received the IDA table clinic 1st place for Graduate Student and Honor Clinician Award 2015.
Title: "Stepwise Excavation Caries Removal Procedure in a US  Dental School"
Mentors: Dr. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong and Dr. Deb Cobb

IDA2 2014


April 24, 2014

Operative Dentistry Spring Banquet

Operative Banquet 2014

The Operative Dentistry annual Spring Banquet was held on April 24rd at the Brown Deer Golf Club in Coralville. Staff and faculty were recognized for service to the department. Operative residents were introduced and several awards from Operative Dentistry were given to pre-doctoral students for outstanding achievement and character.  


April 10, 2014

Project HOPE

The College of Dentistry was pleased to provide a simulation experience for 12 middle school students from Columbus Junction, Iowa.The students are participants in a career education pipeline program for the health sciences, entitled Project HOPE.

middle school students from Columbus Junction



April 1, 2014

Dr Cavalheiro

Dr. Alex Cavalheiro (Alumni -  Operative Dentistry), Paula and sister Francisca welcome baby brother Vasco, born on April 1st. Congratulations !



March 19-22, 2014

3rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the AADR, Charlotte, NC

third year residents present posters

Dr. Mohammad AlRefeai, Lamya Alghaith and Rawa Alammari all third year resident in the Department of Operative Dentistry, presented their posters at the poster session.


March 15-18, 2014

American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Meeting,San Antonio- TX

Dr. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong presented at the Cariology and Operative Section a conference about  Science of Learning in Clinical Decision Making for Cariology and Restorative. Also,Dr. Steve Armstrong completes the ADEA Leadership Institute Program.

Drs. Steven Armstrong, Rick Valachovic, and Stephen Young

Dr. Steven Armstrong (center) with Dr. Rick Valachovic (left), president and CEO of ADEA, and Dr. Stephen Young, chair of the ADEA Board of Di- rectors, during the commencement dinner, which was held before the ADEA meeting in San Antonio. Dr. Pamela Zarkowski(at the podium), provost of the University of Detroit, was Steve’s group mentor.


Cariology and Operative & Biomaterials Section Officers and all the presenters at the social dinner at the River Walk in San Antonio, TX.

social dinner at the River Walk

Dr. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong and Dr. Steve Armstrong (Operative Dentistry UIOWA), Dr. Marcela Hernadez (Family Dentistry UIOWA), Juliana da Costa (OHSU), Dr. Tracy De Peralta (U of Michigan), Dr. Margherita Fontana (U of Michigan ) and Dr. Andre Ritter (U of North Carolina).



February 21, 2014

43rd annual meeting of the Academy of Operative Dentistry 2014 in Chicago (February 19 through Friday - February 21).

Two third year graduate students (Drs. Lamya Alghaith, Mohammad Alrefeai) were selected to present table clinics at the AOD Meeting. Their presentations were outstanding and well received by attendees. Each of the graduate students was mentored by faculty in the Department. This collaborative effort characterizes the spirit and team work of the Operative Department. Also, several members (faculty and staff) attended the meeting and some of them went to the Midwinter 2014.

43rd annual meeting of the Academy of Operative Dentistry 2014



February 19, 2014

Dr. Justine Kolker was elected as the new president of American Board of Operative Dentistry.



February 11, 2014

61st Annual Meeting of the Iowa Section of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR)

61st Annual Meeting of the Iowa Section of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR)

Thomas Crary (D2) talks with onlookers about his research. Thomas won the second place award in the Procter and Gamble Predoctoral Competition. His co-authors include Dr. Steve Armstrong, head of Operative Dentistry and Thomas’s mentor; Dr. Fang Qian, Biostatistics Unit; Dr. Rodrigo Maia, Operative Dentistry; and Dr. Saulo Geraldeli.


Carolina Garcia, graduate fellow, Operative Dentistry, talks with Cory Hatch (D2) and Pat Brambert (D1) about her research

Dr. Carolina Garcia, graduate fellow, Operative Dentistry, talks with Cory Hatch (D2) and Pat Brambert (D1) about her research. Her co-author is Dr. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong, Opera- tive Dentistry, who is also Carolina’s mentor.


Lamya Alghaith, graduate fellow, Operative Dentistry, Dr. Clark Stanford, associate dean for research and Dr. Steve Armstrong, head of Operative Dentistry.

Dr. Lamya Alghaith, graduate fellow, Operative Dentistry, Dr. Clark Stanford, associate dean for research and Dr. Steve Armstrong, head of Operative Dentistry. Lamya won the Dental Specialty Award (Operative Dentistry) for her research, "Ceramic Thickness and Translucency Effect on Polymerization of Resin Cement." Co-authors include Dr. Steve Armstrong, head of Operative Dentistry and Lamya's mentor; E. Glenn; Dr. J. Jessop; Dr. Fang Qian, Biostatistics Unit; Doug Aunan, Family Dentistry; and Drs. Rodrigo Maia and Gerald Denehy, Operative Dentistry.


January 30, 2014

Welcome OPRM and Admissions

Operative / OPRM / Admissions potluck lunch

Operative / OPRM / Admissions potluck lunch


January 13, 2014


The College of Dentistry had 130 tags on the tree and we received well over 130 toys for children ages 0-16. The Salvation Army was pleased to see all the donations that came from the College of Dentistry. The Student National Dental Association (SNDA) thanks you all for all your generosity!