Operative Dentistry

Resin-Based Composites (RBC)

(Last update made on September 20, 2017)

CosmeCore, Dual-cured Core RBC
(Cosmedent) – clinic approved, available in OPER
24 J to cure
Shades A2 and blue https://www.cosmedent.com/assets/1/15/CosmeCore%20EU%20V02%20101208%20Engl.pdf


Flowable RBC; Flow-it ALC
(Jeneric/Pentron) Stocked
16 J to cure
Shade A2

flowable rbc

RBC Heater; Calset
(Addent) available in OPER
Description: A warming unit to lower viscosity of resin composites for improvement of material adaptation to the cavity walls.
Heats composite material to:
98°F  (37°C) 
130°F  (54°C) 
155°F  (68°C) 

rbc heater

Nanofil RBC – Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative
(3M ESPE) -stocked

Body, Enamel and translucent shades in 2 mm increments
– 8 J to cure

Dentin and A6 and B5 body shades in 1.5 mm increments
- 16 J to cure

nanofil rbc  - click for larger image

RBC Tints and Opaquers
clinic approved, available in OPER

Creative Color Opaquers & Tints (Cosmedent)

Light curing: “40s” (32J in CQ range)

Opaquer A1-B1-LO (#6031-A1)

Color Pink Opaque (#6031-PO)

White Opaquer (#6031-WO)

Grey Tint (#6031-OG)

Violet Tint (#6031-OV)

Honey Yellow (#6031-HY)

Note: White dual-cure opaquer is also in the Bisco repair kit



rbc tints


Resin-Based Composites -
instruments stocked

(left to right)

  • Almore placement instrument
  • #05857-1001- Wonder White #1 from Dick Blick Art Materials
  • (picture needs updated – different than what is currently shown)
  • •#SG3010-2 Royal Flat Brush from Royal Brush Co. Munster Indiana
  • Bard parker handle with #12 blade