Operative Dentistry

Provisional Materials

(Last modified: April 29, 2016)

IRM-Zoe Intermediate Restorative
(Dentsply/Caulk) - stocked


Integrity TempGrip (Dentsply) - stocked

Temporary crown and bridge cement

zinc oxide (non-eugenol)

integrity tempgrip

Pro-Temp™ Plus Temporization Material
(3M-ESPE) - stocked

Bis-Acryl resin-based composite material for short duration single unit provisionals

  • Fill matrix - working time = 40 sec
  • Withdraw from mouth = 1:40 - 2:50 min from onset of mixing
  • Leave in matrix for 5 min before finishing

Directions for use: Protemp Plus Instructions for Use

temp bond ne

Temp Bond Clear with Triclosan (Kerr)
clinic approved, available in OPER

A dual-cure temporary resin-based cement for use in cementation of provisional restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. The cement is flexible and translucent when cured and has good physical properties relative to other provisional luting agents.

  • Mix time = 30 s
  • Working time = 1:30 min
  • Setting time ≤ 5:30 min
  • 12 J to light cure

temp bond clear

Clip syringe provisional material (Voco)
clinic approved, available in OPER

Light cured temporary material for inlay and onlay technique.  Typically cured directly in preparation and remains somewhat flexible in order to use undercuts for retention. Intended for short-term duration only.

clip syringe provisional material