Operative Dentistry



Palodent sectional matrices (Dentsply/Caulk) - stocked - This section is not yet updated, Garrison matrices are also available 11FEB2021

  • Mini (6mm)
  • Standard (9mm)



The Standard and Mini Palodent Matrices have a dot or a notch that should be place occlusally. 

Or "Smile down" towards cervical



Composi-Tight Rings (Garrison Dental Solutions)

standard gray 

3Ds - clinic approved, available in OPER

  • Note on use: do not over expand ring or keep expanded in forceps unnecessarily, these, like all rings, will wear out and need replacement.

3D orange

3D (orange)

3D blue

3D XR (blue) 

3D gray

Standard (gray)



Tofflemire Matrix Bands (Teledyne) 

  • Universal matrix band (0.0015”)

  • MOD band

tofflemire matrix bands

Matrix HO Bands™ (Microbrush International) 

stainless steel -  0.001" thin. 



Sycamore wooden wedges (Premier) 

sycamore wooden wedges


Auto Matrix retainerless matrix system (Dentsply/Caulk)

auto matrix retainerless


Copper bands (Miltex) 

copper bands


Epitex clear matrix (GC America) 

epitex clear matrix