Operative Dentistry

Cavity Liners and Caries Detection

Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer: Vitrebond Plus (3M ESPE)                                                      

Description: Resin-modified glass ionomer used for dentin lining of deep preparations for therapeutic reasons, i.e. 1 mm from pulp

Instructions for use: Place one click of paste/paste on pad, mix 10-15s, apply, light cure for 20s (12 J)

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Calcium Hydroxide: Life (Kerr)                                            

Indications: Direct pulp capping from mechanical exposure when root canal treatment is declined by patient.

Instructions for use: After obtaining clean non-bleeding wound place Life over exposed pulp which is protected with Vitrebond Plus before restoration placement

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Resin-Modified Calcium Silicate: Theracal LC (Bisco)                           

(1) dentin lining of deep preparations for therapeutic reasons, i.e. 1 mm from pulp
(2) direct pulp capping from mechanical exposure when root canal treatment is declined by patient
















Direct Pulp Capping - more information see www.aae.org


Tubule occlusion: Super Seal (Phoenix)

Description: Oxalic acid and potassium salt in water; dentin desensitizer via dentin tubule occlusion by calcium oxalate precipitate. Primarily used for desensitization and tubule occlusion before amalgam placement.

Instructions for use: Apply generously with a microbrush with active application for 10s then leave undisturbed for additional 20s, initially air dry gently, and then finish with moderate air pressure. Repeat.

super seal












Caries Detections: Cari-D-Tect (Gresco)           

Description: Dark blue F, D & C dyes in propylene glycol as an aid in caries and crack detection.

Instructions for use: Generously apply for 10-15s, rinse thoroughly and gently dry. Tactilely confirm the presence of caries before removal of dye-stained dentin. Dyes are visual identification aids only and are not diagnostic for remaining caries.

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