Operative Dentistry

Glass Ionomers

Glass ionomers/Resin-modified glass ionomers (GC America) 

Fuji TRIAGE capsules (GC) ionomers

  • Description: A low viscosity pink shade of a glass ionomer cement which releases a high level of fluoride for use in caries stabilization. Material is easily recognizable in cavity and represents a purposeful effort to arrest or remineralize the caries process.

Fuji IX GP Extra capsules (GC)

  • Description: Improved glass ionomer cement  primarily used for high caries activity control, provisionals, selected Class V lesions and pediatric restorative.

Fuji II LC capsules (GC)ionomers

  • Description: Dual-cured resin-modified glass ionomer restorative material for high caries risk patients and sites, i.e. root caries, crown margin repair, pediatric restorative as ‘final’ restoration. 
  • 12 J to cure


GI/RMGI clinical tips

  1. cavity conditionerGood field control is essential to success, use rubber dam wherever possible.
  2. Use Cavity Conditioner (20% polyacrylic acid/3% aluminum chloride hexahydrate) (GC America – STOCKED) on enamel and dentin for 10 s, rinse, remove excess moisture from operating field with high-speed suction, then from preparation with cotton pellet or microbrush to leave a ‘moist’ surface.
  3. Mixing instructions for Fuji Triage, IX and II LC
    • Tap capsule on side to loosen powder from container walls, push in plunger, place in applicator gun and click once, remove, mix at 10s @ 4000 cpm, place in applicator gun and promptly apply to cavity.
  4. Work efficiently, don’t over manipulate. These do not handle like resin composite.
  5. Fuji II LC, a RMGI should be applied  in 2mm increments and light cured for 40s (12 J to cure).
  6. Protect from moisture for 7 minutes after placement.  Vaseline works well as a coating agent for moisture control, given that confirmation has been obtained that no more glass ionomer material needs placed.
  7. Avoid early finishing whenever possible.
  8. Avoid desiccation at future dental appointments