Operative Dentistry

Burs and Polishing Systems

(Last updated: April 29, 2016)


University of Iowa - Operative Kit

Complete Kit (Black/Gold Block)

  • # ¼ Round Carbideoperative kit
  • # 2 Round Carbide
  • # 4 Round Carbide
  • # 6 Round Carbide
  • # 8 Round Carbide
  • #170L FG Long Tapered Fissure Carbide
  • # 57 Flat End Fissure Carbide
  • # 330 Pear Carbide
  • # 245 Long Pear Carbide
  • # 34 Inverted Cone Carbide
  • # 7404 Egg 12-Bladed Finishing Carbide
  • Fine Grit Flame Diamond
  • # 7006 Round 12-Bladed Finishing Carbide
  • Fissurotomy micro diamond
  • Mandrel, pop on
  • Dura Green bullet stone FG
  • Dura White point stone FG
  • Shofu Brownie Mini Point FG
  • Shofu Greenie Mini Point FG
  • Shofu Super Greenie Mini Point FG

a few brownie, greenie and super greenie cups are available in operative dispensary upon request


University of Iowa - Fixed Prosthodontic Kit

Complete Kit (Black/Gold Block)burs and polishing systems

Round taper

  • Super Coarse Grit Round End Taper Long 016
  • Super Coarse Grit Tap Needle chamfer 012


  • Coarse Grit Tapered Mod Bevel 016
  • 12-Bladed Finishing Carbide 016
  • Coarse Grit Tapered Mod Bevel 018
  • Coarse Grit Tapered Mod Bevel 021

Modified shoulder

  • Coarse Grit Mod Flat End Taper 016
  • Fine Grit Mod Flat End Taper 016


  • Coarse Grit Egg Diamond
  • Fine Grit Egg Diamond


University of Iowa - Laboratory Metal Adjustment and Polishing Kit

shofu stocked



  • Brown Wheel Finish Polisher
  • Green Wheel Pre-Polisher
  • Super Green Wheel (yellow band) High-Shine Polisher
  • Brown Disc Finish Polisher
  • Green Disc Pre-Polisher
  • Super Green Disc (yellow band) High-Shine Polisher
  • Brown Point Finish Polisher
  • Green Point Pre-Polisher
  • Super Green Point (yellow band) High-shine Polisher



Resin-Based Composite Polishing

1st STEP - Final Contouring and Finishingburs and polishing systems

  • friction grip Snap-on Mandrel for Soft-flex disks
  • 7404  carbide finishing bur-egg (Brasseler)
  • 7902  carbide finishing bur-flame (Brasseler)
  • H48LQ  carbide crosscut Q-finisher long flame (Komet)

2nd STEP - Finishing (surface characterization) as situation demands

  • fine diamond egg
  • fine diamond flame
  • Green Jiffy Cup pre-polisher (Ultradent)
    • This can be used earlier in the process depending upon how it is applied, i.e. pressure and speed, and how much surface characterization is required.

3rd STEP - Polishing

  • Pasteless Cup Brush (Brasseler)
  • Pasteless Point Brush  (Brasseler)
  • Gloss polisher – Cup {Kerr Hawe}
  • Gloss polisher – Flame {Kerr Hawe}
  • HiLuster Dia polisher – Cup {Kerr Hawe}
  • HiLuster Dia polisher – Flame {Kerr Hawe}


dialite zr instruments

University of Iowa - Extra-Oral Ceramic Polishing Kit

Dialite ZR Extra-Oral Polishing Instruments

Course disc for adjusting

Green medium grit pre-polishing

  • Green Disc
  • Green/Yellow Disc
  • Green Point

Red fine grit high shine

  • Red Disc
  • Red/Yellow Disc
  • Red Point




University of Iowa Intra-Oral Ceramic Polishing Kit dialite zr

Dialite ZR Intra-Oral

Fine and extra fine diamonds for cutting

Course grinding point for adjusting

Green medium pre-polishing

  • Green Disc
  • Green Point
  • Green Cup

Orange fine high shine

  • Orange Disc
  • Orange Point
  • Orange Cup





burs and polishing systems

University of Iowa - Denture Adjustment Kit

Complete Kit (Blue Block)

  • Mandrel Moores
  • Silicone Point Pink
  • Silicone Disc Green
  • Yellow Point Fine Grit Acrylic Polisher
  • Yellow Disc Fine Grit Acrylic Polisher
  • Green Point Coarse Grit Acrylic Polisher
  • Green Disc Coarse Grit Acrylic Polisher
  • Extra-Fine E-Cutter Long flame thin
  • Extra Fine E-Cutter Cone shaped
  • E-Cutter small pear shaped
  • E-Cutter Large Pear shaped
  • Extra Fine E-Cutter Large football shaped






Epitex Polishing Strips (GC America)burs and polishing systems

  • Description: Blue (coarse), green (medium), Grey (fine) and orange (extra fine) plastic backed finishing strips
  • Typically only blue and green are necessary for direct RBCs






Serrated Steel Saw Blades (Brasseler)

  • Description: Used to open or lighten proximal contacts

burs and polishing systems



Sof-Lex Extra-Thin (XT) Contouring and Polishing Discs  (3M ESPE)

burs and polishing systems

Description: Pop-on 1/2 and 3/8 diameter extra thin discs for dental composite polishing

  • Dark Orange - coarse grit = 55 micron
  • Medium Orange  - medium grit = 40 micron
  • Light Orange - fine grit= 24 micron
  • Yellow – superfine grit = 8 micron

Use of complete series of discs is rarely needed to prepare for effective
polishing with rubber cups and points

burs and polishing systems












Mini Flexibuff (Cosmedent)

Description: Felt-coated, highly flexible discs designed for the application and use of polishing paste.

 mini flexibuff








Enamelize Polishing Paste (Cosmedent)

Description: Aluminum oxide for final polishing of resin-based composites and maintenance of esthetic bonding.

 enamelize polishing paste

Visionflex Diamond Strips (Brasseler)

Description: Diamond coated perforated metal contouring and finishing strips.

  • (Blue-45 micron–medium)
  • (Red-30 micron–fine)
  • (Yellow -15 micron–extra-fine)

burs and polishing systems