Operative Dentistry Fact Sheet

Pre-doctoral courses (240 students) - responsible for 8 courses in first 3 years of dental curriculum including dental anatomy, operative and esthetic dentistry with clinical simulation and clinical components.

  • Provide preclinical and clinical education in risk-based diagnosis, prevention and minimally-invasive treatment of caries and hard tissue lesions including knowledge of the discipline of Operative and esthetic dentistry and the basic psychomotor development necessary to provide these services to patients
  • Prepare students for written national board exams and clinical board exams in the area of Operative Dentistry
  • Participate in well managed patient care that is coordinated with other departments, including development of comprehensive treatment plans
  • Stay up-to-date on teaching methodology and developments within the dental profession with regard to procedures and technology, so that teaching and dental treatment by the department will continuously improve
  • Provide research mentoring opportunities to pre-doctoral students

Post-doctoral Education Program (3 year program with 3 students per year)

  • Provide didactic and clinical training for future operative dentistry educators
  • Provide experience in all areas of operative dentistry including minimally invasive and esthetic dentistry procedures
  • Provide research based career development training to postdoctoral students


  • Provide opportunity for faculty to conduct research for personal development, for mentoring of pre and postdoctoral students, and for advancement of the department and profession
  • Develop focused areas of research necessary to be successful in the areas of clinical and laboratory research
  • Obtain external funding for research from the industrial and federal sources
  • Foster external networks with faculty and researchers from other colleges within and outside of the University and from dental industry

Patient Care

  • Provide the opportunity for faculty participation in private practice
  • Provide comprehensive patient care in cooperation with practitioners in other departments of the College
  • Provide preventive and esthetic dental health care services to the public utilizing the advanced skills of the members of the department
  • Provide consultation and referral service to private practitioners in the region
  • Provide patient care income to help supplement the departmental budget


  • Participate in local, regional, and national/international professional organizations, including committees, offices, journal reviewing, and lecturing
  • Provide continuing education programs at the College of Dentistry, in the State of Iowa, and nationally/internationally

Department Faculty

  • 10 Full time Faculty
    • 2 Professors
    • 4 Associate Professors
    • 1 Assistant Professor
    • 2 Clinical Associate Professors
    • 1 Clinical Assistant Professor
  • 1 Visiting Assistant Professor
  • 14 Adjunct faculty
  • 8 Emeriti faculty (1 actively participating in clinical instruction)


  • 1.5 Secretarial
  • 2 Dental hygienists
  • 4 Dental assistants

Areas of Research

  • Esthetic dentistry
  • Color
  • Dentin & enamel adhesion
  • Evaluation of dental restorative materials
  • Direct bonded restorations
  • Minimally invasive operative dentistry
  • Caries risk assessment
  • Oral Epidemiology
  • Oral cancer
  • Clinical outcomes