Operative Dentistry - Best Practices

Adhesive Resin Cementation Of "Ceramic" Restorations

(last modified August 10, 2017)


Ceramic Classification System

ceramic classification system

feldspathic - leucite

lithium disilicate

polycrystalline and low glass ceramics

Note: If not previously silanated by lab, confirm restoration fit on model, clean restoration and apply silane in advance of patient visit.  Silane bond  "maturation" has been shown to improve bonding to ceramic. Silane will not subsequently be removed by ultrasonic cleaning in alcohol or phosphoric acid cleaning after patient try-in.

Lava Ultimate Restorative for chairside CAD/CAM

  1. Complete try-in, adjustment, finishing and polishing steps
  2. Air abrade with aluminum oxide less than or equal to 50 micron at two bars (30 psi) until entire bonding surface has a matte appearance
  3. Clean with alcohol and dry thoroughly
  4. Apply silane (Bis Silane A  & B - Bisco)
  5. Apply adhesive (All Bond TE adhesive - Bisco)
  6. Apply cement and seat (Duo-Link - Bisco)