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American Association of Dental Public Health (AADPH) - University of Iowa Student Chapter

Organization DescriptionAAPHD members

To provide community awareness to future dental professionals and engage students in dialogue about current dental public health issues.

Activities / events / outreach

Currently we bring in speakers to present on multiple topics including current topics in dph, future careers in dph, and individual experiences in the dph field. We have had field trips to St. Luke's in Cedar Rapids to observe a public health dental setting, and have also observed a school dental sealants program. We are working towards doing an outreach with the school sealants program, and oral cancer screenings in area retirement homes.

Title Name
President Sophia Chen
Vice-Presidents Jenn Feingold
Flora Yen
Treasurer Caitlin Bussard
Secretary Alyssa Spilski
Social Chair Carolyn Duong
Faculty Co-Advisors Dr. Steven Levy
Dr. Susan McKernan