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Pediatric Dentistry Contact Information and Hours


Business Hours - 5pm Monday - Friday
After-Hours Emergency Care:  
Call UIHC information at (319) 356-1616 and ask for the pediatric dental resident on-call.

Patient Scheduling

Infants and Children - (319) 335-7485
Pediatric Dentistry Clinic on the second level of the Dental Science Building.
Map to Dental Science Building

Infants and Children with Special Health Care Needs - (319) 353-6711
Pediatric Dentistry Clinic located on the second level of the Center for Disabilities & Development, 100 Hawkins Dr., Iowa City, IA
Map to Center for Disabilities & Development

Muscatine Pediatric Patients - 
Muscatine Pediatric Dental Clinic located in the Muscatine Center for Social Action building, 312 Iowa Avenue, Muscatine, IA, 563-263-0895. Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hablamos Espanol.

Department Phone Numbers

Department Main Office Phone: 319-335-7479

Department Contacts
Dr. Matthew Geneser - (319) 335-7483
Ms. Gayle Gilbaugh - (319) 356-1513
Dr. Michael J. Kanellis - (319) 335-7439
Dr. Kecia Leary - (319) 335-8147
Dr. Tad Mabry - (319) 335-7487
Dr. Arwa Owais - (319) 335-7478
Ms. M. Catherine Skotowski  - (319) 335-7484
Dr. Karin Weber-Gasparoni  - (319) 335-7486