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D.D.S. Program

Fourth Year Schedule of Courses


First Semester

Course # Title Semester Hours
DENT:8400 Fourth-Year Lectures and Clinics 0 or 12


Second Semester

Course # Title Semester Hours
DENT:8400 Fourth-Year Lectures and Clinics 12


Entire Year

Course # Title Semester Hours
PCD:8485 Broadlawns Medical Center arr. 4
PCD:8486 Colorado Migrant Program arr. 4
PCD:8487 Community Health Care: Davenport arr. 4
PCD:8488 St. Luke’s Dental Health Center arr. 4
PCD:8489 Geriatrics and Special Needs Program arr. 4
PCD:8491 Private Practice Preceptorship arr. 4
PCD:8493 VA Medical Center Knoxville arr. 4
PCD:8494 Special Field Clinic arr. 4
PCD:8496 Siouxland Community Health Center arr. 4
DENT:8485 Clinical Admission - Emergency 1
DENT:8489 Advanced Topics in Quality Assurance 2
FAMD:8484 Dental Practice Management 2
FAMD:8494 Topics in Family Dentistry 3
FAMD:8495 Treatment Planning and Sequencing 2


Section 801, 802, 803, 804

Course # Title Semester Hours
FAMD:8487 Clinical Experiences – Comp. Care arr. 8
FAMD:8488 Clinical Competencies – Comp. Care arr. 9
Fourth Year Total 35



Course # Title Semester Hours
DENT:8500 Dental Student Research Honors Program arr.


students hanging out between classesFourth-year dental students are involved in the delivery of comprehensive dental care in an environment that simulates conditions in private dental practice. For a ten-week community dentistry experience, students are exposed to various health programs that include hospitals, nursing homes, and the Special Patient Care Clinics.

Participation in special national and international programs is possible. Students may choose to participate in the Colorado Migrant Worker Program, Indian Health Service Program, or a Foreign Dental School Exchange Program. For those interested in international practice, it is possible to participate in exchange programs with dental schools in Denmark, England, or the Netherlands.

The Department of Family Dentistry plays a major role in the senior dental student's final integration of academic experience. The primary goal is to combine previously learned clinical skills into a well-organized and systematic approach to the comprehensive dental treatment of patients. The experience encompasses approximately three-fourths of the fourth year.

Students spend five days a week in a clinical setting where they gain experience in total patient management and care. Their course work builds on their previous education. All areas of clinical and didactic instruction, patient awareness, and sensitivity to patients' needs are stressed.

Practice management courses help students to choose where to locate their practices as well as manage the business aspects of a dental office.