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Predental Studies for Iowa's D.D.S. Program

Applicants are encouraged to receive a grade of C or higher in each of these pre-requisite courses for optimal consideration during the admissions process.

composition, rhetoric, literature, speech courses required for a bachelor's degree
one year (8 semester hours), one-fourth in laboratory work
two years (16 semester hours), including one year of organic chemistry, one-fourth of which must be in laboratory work.
one year (8 semester hours), including some laboratory work. May be satisfied by a one-year course in general biology or zoology. Upper-level courses in gross anatomy, cell biology, or physiology would be beneficial.
a well-rounded background in the social sciences; philosophy; psychology; history; foreign languages; business and accounting; and mathematics.

Many colleges and universities around the country offer pre-professional programs for the health sciences. Students enrolled in these programs usually do well when admitted to a dental program.

Undergraduate students do not have to declare a science major. Students interested in dentistry may pursue a major in any area-from astronomy to music-and still be considered for admission to the College of Dentistry.

Effective fall 2021, no Advanced Placement College courses in biology, chemistry, and physics will be accepted for admission to the College of Dentistry.  Beginning fall 2021, no Advanced Placement (AP) coursework will satisfy the University of Iowa College of Dentistry pre-requisite requirements except English. All pre-requisite courses must be taken for a grade beginning fall 2021.

Although the minimum academic requirement for admission to the College of Dentistry is the completion of 90 semester hours of study at an accredited college, most students complete a bachelor’s degree before entering dental school. This year, nearly 99 percent of the college’s first-year students have a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts degree or higher.

Take your studies seriously. While you needn't be a straight A student, grades are important for admission. The mean college grade-point average for entering dental students at Iowa is above 3.70 (on a 4.00 scale).

The College of Dentistry pays attention to a student's academic record yet seeks well-rounded applicants who are interested in science and who can work well with people. The College also strives for cultural, economic, and educational diversity among its students. Students from all backgrounds will find an understanding and supportive environment at Iowa.

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