Family Dentistry Courses

  • Family Dentistry Student

    FAMD:8484 Dental Practice Management     2 s.h.
    Principles of dental practice management and professional development; delivery of comprehensive dental treatment in a simulated group-practice clinical setting, with chairside dental assistants.

  • FAMD:8487 Clinical Experiences: Comprehensive Care     10 s.h.
    Clinical experiences in diagnosis, treatment planning, and delivery of integrated, comprehensive dental care.
  • FAMD:8488 Clinical Competencies: Comprehensive Care     12 s.h.
    Assimilation of all competencies with refinement of clinical skills in a comprehensive care clinic set setting with an emphasis on critical thinking, evaluation of outcomes, and reflection.
  • FAMD:8494 Topics in Family Dentistry     3 s.h.
    Current techniques, findings; applications for general practitioner and graduate specialty programs.
  • FAMD:8495 Treatment Planning and Sequencing     2 s.h.
    Documentation of diagnostic procedures used in developing a treatment plan and sequence for selected clinical patients:  student presentations.