All College Conference Transformation Update Presentation

Dental Science Building Transition Plan

Updated DSB Construction Map - 12/20/13


The Transformation of the Dental Science Building continues with the systematic demolition and rebuilding of the clinical and support spaces in the south building. The result will be a state-of-the-art educational and clinical facility that will support high quality dental education in Iowa for the next 30 years.. The project is estimated to cost about $47 million and will be financed with funds from the state, University, donors and the College. The project is projected to be finished by May 2016. The demolition and construction will be conducted in eight (8) sequences. The first sequence will last about 4 months and consist of adding a mechanical penthouse and new mechanical and HVAC systems to the roof, the addition of a temporary clinic and new lactation room on the first floor. The major clinic renovation will be scheduled in six sequences of about seven months each and will entail demolition and construction of approximately ½ of a floor at a time starting at the west end of the fourth floor. The beginning and end dates for each sequence are tentative and will be updated in this space as changes occur.

Throughout the construction period pedestrian access from the east will be altered due to the construction preparation area located on the north side of the south building near the windows. Construction traffic will enter the site from Newton Rd. west of the Cambus circle. The construction area will be fenced to restrict pedestrian traffic.

Email your suggestions or questions to Dr. Jed Hand.

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