Dental Science Building Transition Plan

Sequence 4 January 2014 - July 2014*

Prosthodontic faculty, staff, residents and predoctoral students and the Periodontics D3 Clerkship will move to their newly remodeled space on the 4th floor.

The Oral Diagnosis, Admissions, Emergency and Radiology clinical areas, the Business Office and OPRM offices will be under construction. The Business Office and the Patient Representative’s offices will relocate to the 3rd floor Link, OPRM faculty and staff offices will move to the old Clinic Administration office area on the 2nd floor.

Two Family Dentistry faculty and two Clinic Administration faculty will move to the Temporary Building. Oral Pathology and Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology residents offices will be located in the Temporary Building.

The Radiology, Oral Diagnosis, Emergency, and OPRM faculty practice clinics will move to the Operative/Preventive/Dental Hygiene clinic on the 2nd floor.

The D2 Operative/Preventive Clinic on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and the D1 Preventive Clinic on Thursday afternoons will be split between the 1st floor Temporary Clinic and the 2nd floor Operative/Preventive/Dental Hygiene clinic on the 2nd floor.

Area under Construction - larger image

sequence 4 demolition


Temporary Clinics
OPRM - Radiology - larger image

sequence 4 OPRM Radiology


D2 Operative/Preventive - larger image

sequence 4 D2 Operative and Preventive


D1 Preventive - larger image

D1 Preventive