Dental Science Building Transition Plan

Sequence 3 June 2013 - December 2013*

Oral Surgery faculty, staff residents and the Oral Surgery D3 clerkship will move to their remodeled space.  Periodontics faculty, staff and residents will move to their remodeled space, but the D3 Periodontics clerkship will remain in the 2nd floor Operative/Preventive/Dental Hygiene clinical area.  Operative Dentistry and Hospital General Dentistry faculty practices will move to their permanent location on the 4th floor of the addition (4W)
The Prosthodontics area (east half of fourth floor) will be under construction.  The Prosthodontic clinic support laboratories and Central Sterilization will be unavailable for only part of the sequence.

The Prosthodontic D3 clinic will move to the 2nd floor Operative/Preventive/Dental Hygiene/old Special Care clinic area.  Prosthodontic faculty and resident clinics will be split between the old Hospital General Dentistry isle in the last row of the Family Dentistry clinic and the 2nd floor Operative/Preventive/old Special Care clinic.  Prosthodontic offices will move to the old Clinic Administration office area.  Family Dentistry faculty office on the 4th floor will be relocated to the Temporary Building.

The Kirkwood Dental Hygiene clinic will move to the 1st floor Temporary Clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until Sequence 7.

The D2 Operative/Preventive clinics on Tuesday and Thursday mornings will be split between the 2nd floor Operative/Preventive/Dental Hygiene Clinic and the Temporary Clinic on the 1st floor.

Area under Construction - larger image

sequence 3 demolition


Temporary Clinic Locations:
        Prosthodontics & D3 Periodontics MWF - larger image

sequence 3 MWF


        Prosthodontics Faculty & Residents - larger image

Sequence 3 3rd floor


        D2 Operative/Preventive T, Th, AM - larger image

Sequence 3 2nd floor Tues Thurs AM