Dental Science Building Transition Plan

Sequence 2 October 2012 - May 2013*

The Oral Surgery, Periodontics and old Endodontics areas will be under construction. Oral Surgery offices and clinics will relocate to the 4th floor of West addition. Periodontics clinics (Faculty, Residents, Predocs) will relocate to the 2nd floor Operative/Preventive/Dental Hygiene/old Special Care clinic area. Periodontics offices will be located in the old Clinic Administration office area.

The Kirkwood dental hygiene program clinics will remain in the 2nd floor Operative/Preventive/Dental Hygiene clinical area on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

D2 Operative/Preventive Clinics on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and D1 Preventive Clinics on Thursday afternoons will be split between the 2nd floor Operative/Preventive/Dental Hygiene Clinic and the 1st floor Clinic.

Area under Construction - larger image

2 Demolition


Temporary Clinic Locations:



        D2 Operative-Preventive

D2 Operative-Preventive


        D1 Preventive

D1 Preventive


        Oral Surgery

temp OS Clinic