Dental Science Building Transition Plan

Preparation for Moving to Temporary Office

Moving day for __________ will be ________.  Professional movers will move everything to the designated destination.  You will be responsible for boxing, labeling/tagging everything in your office (that includes anything on the walls, shelves, desktops).  Boxes and tape can be secured from Sherri in S112-1.  Only Allied Van Lines boxes should be used as nonconforming boxes will not be moved by the moving crew.  Anything not appropriately boxed, labeled, tagged by moving day will be sent to surplus or the landfill.  Please take this opportunity to purge your office and files of unnecessary material.  Substantial space savings can be realized by scanning documents that you wish to retain.  Be sure to recycle as appropriate.


  1. Determine disposition of everything in current office
  2. Options:
    1. Move to temporary office
    2. Recycle
    3. Take home – any personal possessions, especially those that are susceptible to damage
    4. Storage – anything that you want to retain but won’t need for time you are in temporary office
    5. Surplus – everything else
  3. Secure boxes and tags from Sherri in S112-1
  4. Only Allied Van Lines boxes should be used
    1. Labeling/tagging instructions
      1. Labels/tags should include your name and the destination room number (for items going to storage, add name and final destination room number)
      2. Place labels on the side of boxes.  Boxes will be stacked so labels on top will not be visible.
      3. Boxes must be closed (either taped or overlapped shut)
      4. Secure tag to all non-boxed materials/furnishings/equipment
  5. Box all books and journals
  6. Empty all file cabinets and box materials. (there will be empty file cabinets in your temporary space)
  7. Empty desk drawers and box materials  (even if desk is being moved to new location)
  8. Remove all wall hangings and box or move yourself.
  9. Label/tag  all furniture and equipment.