Endodontics: Master of Science/Certificate Degree Program

  1. Information stated under the description of the Certificate program (items 2-5 on previous page) also applies to the MS/Certificate program, with the exception of research.
  2. A thesis, based upon scholarly research, will constitute a partial requirement for a Master of Science degree in Oral Sciences. The graduate student, in consultation with the Graduate Program Director in Endodontics, will be primarily responsible for selecting a thesis advisor and thesis committee.
  3. The MS thesis advisor may be a member of the Department of Endodontics or of another department of the College of Dentistry or the University. At least one member of the thesis committee must be a faculty member from the Department of Endodontics.
  4. All graduate students will write a research planning document or a protocol. The protocol will be presented before the thesis committee and invited faculty.
  5. Other faculty and graduate students may attend the final thesis examination.
  6. Minimum number of graduate credit semester hours required for the Master of Science degree with a major in Endodontics will normally be thirty (30) semester hours.
  7. The program will have a "vertical" curriculum. That, early in the program the majority of time is devoted to clinical courses and patient care, with more time for research toward the conclusion.
  8. Stipends will be allocated to graduate students according to funding availability. This will be determined on a yearly basis.
  9. All graduate students are subject to the rules of the Graduate College as set forth in the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College. Failure to fulfill or comply with requirements and guidelines as stated in the Graduate Program Information documents of the department shall constitute grounds for altering or extending the student's program, including probation or dismissal.

Master of Science/Certificate Program sample curriculum