Endodontics:  Financial Support

*Financial Support

Persons applying to the programs must be able to support themselves financially until they complete the program. Besides living expenses, the student should plan on expenses for tuition, books, specialized equipment, instrument usage, and thesis costs. All stipends are determined on a yearly basis and are dependent on available funding.

*Approximate Cost:

The approximate cost for a fiscal year, July 1 through June 30, in the Endodontic Certificate Program is depended on your year in the Endodontic Certificate Program and whether you are working towards a Masters or a PhD in the Graduate College.  For a detailed estimation please visit Endodontics on the program integrity website at https://www.dentistry.uiowa.edu/admissions-graduate-program-integrity, which does include estimations for health insurance, living expenses and international fees.  

The following amounts are an estimation that do not include your health insurance, living expenses or any fees for International Students.

     Endodontic Certificate Program

  • Year 1 is approximately $47,000
  • Year 2 is approximately $40,000
     Endodontic Certificate Program with a Masters in Oral Science
  • Year 1 is up to $67,000
  • Year 2 is up to $60,000
  • Year 3 is dependent on graduate school and the amount of registered hours you must take to have a minimum of 30 total graduate hours to receive a Masters

**If looking at working towards receiving a Masters, please consult https://www.maui.uiowa.edu/maui/pub/tuition/rates.page for details how semester hours can fluctuate your expenses on the table called "Dental Certificate (Endodontics, All Other Students, Primary) Resident with Grad Appointment".  You must select the semester you are looking at and College of Dentistry.  If you are an international student, please consult the table called "Dental Certificate (Endodontics, Primary, Int'l Student with no US DDS) Resident".

Please visit Endodontics at https://www.dentistry.uiowa.edu/admissions-graduate-program-integrity for details on these estimated amounts.  Thank you.