Endodontics:  Donate

College of Dentistry Building


There are many methods used to make a donation to the Department of Endodontics.  One of these opportunities is through our website.  You can click onto "Donate to Endodontics" and it will take you to the University of Iowa Foundation College of Dentistry website located at https://donate.givetoiowa.org/s/1773/foundation/interior.aspx?sid=1773&gid=2&pgid=509&cid=1288&bledit=1&dids=250.455.579&sort=1

Once you are on the site, the web address is above, there are three spots you can use for your donation to be given to the Department of Endodontics.  They are titled the following:

  • Endodontic Development Fund:  the funds received through this account can be used immediately by the Endodontic Department.
  • Arne M. BjorndalArne M. Bjorndal Advanced Education Professorship Fund:  the funds received through this account are endowed.  Please visit at https://www.dentistry.uiowa.edu/endodontics-bjorndal-campaign for more details.
  • Other-Please indicate your gift designation in the gift instructions below:  You supply how you wish your donation to be used.