Endodontics: Certificate Program

  1. Each student follows a specific course of study and clinical practice for 24 months. Approximately half the program hours are spent in direct patient care.
  2. At least one original research project will be completed, presented and prepared for publication. The certificate will not be granted until a manuscript has been completed and submitted for publication. A library research project does not fulfill the research requirement.
  3. The mentor for the research may be from within or outside the Department of Endodontics.
  4. Presentation of the research material is to be made at the local IADR meeting and possibly at one or more national meetings.
  5. A table clinic is to be prepared and presented at a local, state or national meeting.
  6. Clinical and didactic requirements are specified upon entrance to the program.
  7. Transcripts will be generated and maintained, with grades given in all courses.
  8. All completed cases will be reviewed and evaluated by a member of the Department of Endodontics faculty. Students will minimally complete 250 nonsurgical cases in the 2 years.
  9. Students will rotate through The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics as well as the Veterans Administration Medical Center clinic. The nature and number of cases completed in the hospital setting are credited toward the total required cases and are reviewed.
  10. The student will prepare 15 cases in the format consistent with the criteria established by the American Board of Endodontics. These cases will be reviewed by external examiners.
  11. The student is required to take an oral exit examination during the second semester of the final year. This examination will follow the format of the oral examination given by the American Board of Endodontics and in most circumstances, will be administered by individuals from outside the college.

Certificate Program sample curriculum