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Iowa American Student Dental Association (IASDA)

iowa american student dental association

Organization Description:

What is ASDA?
ASDA stands for the American Student Dental Association. It is similar to, and works closely with, the American Dental Association (ADA), although they are two separate organizations.  Both ASDA and the ADA are models of organized dentistry.

What is the difference between ASDA and IASDA?
Just like our government is divided into national, state, and local entities, ASDA is broken down into smaller components.  IASDA is the University of Iowa College of Dentistry's ASDA chapter.  We are then grouped into a district with nearby schools (District 8 - Creighton, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska). Next, districts can be grouped into regions.  We represent a part of the Western Region. Collectively, ASDA makes up the national component.

Why is organized dentistry important?
Organized dentistry is the dentist's and dental student's avenue for working together to better their profession.  It provides camaraderie and networking between its members, legislative lobbying with a united voice, and easier access to insight and perspective into areas a student might want to further explore. 

"ASDA was established to connect, support and advance the needs of students pursuing a career in the field of dentistry. As a member, you have the power of organized dentistry at your fingertips."

How can I benefit/become involved?

  • Free life and disability insurance; discounted health insurance
  • Discounts on test prep materials for boards
  • Debt management counseling
  • Lunch 'N Learns
  • Access to legislators
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Frolics (Dental Formal)
  • Networking with dental students from other schools
  • Attendance at various ASDA conferences to get updated on what's going on in the world of dentistry
  • Lobby Day in Washington D.C.
  • Summer externship programs in Chicago and Washington D.C.
  • Subscriptions and submission opportunities to numerous dental publications, including MOUTH, ASDA News, and JADA
  • Officer positions within IASDA and ASDA
  • ...and more!


Title Name
President Alison Christensen
President Elect Elaine Boosalis
Vice-President Donte Nesbitt
Treasurer Sophia Chen
Secretary Stacey Howes
Legislative Liaison Ryan Mooneyham
Fundraising Chairs Daniel Malloy
Flora Yen
Philanthropy Chairs Nick Galles
Amanda Phan
Social Chairs Brooke Brown
Kathleen Bohr
Morale Chairs Marin Parsons
Sherri Chyi
Prophy Cup Chair Joshua Colvin
Apollonian Frolics Chairs Caitlin Bussard
Grace Moore
Lunch & Learn Coordinators Ashley Spooner
Kyndra Weber
Pre-dental Club Advisors Marisa Heistercamp
Laurn Loney
Mobile Clinic Coordinator Lydia Rodriguez
Practice Management Series Chairs Andrew Welling
Andrew Richter
Information Technology Elliott Glenn
Clinical Clerkship  
Faculty Adviser Dr. Sherry TImmons