Scholar Research Support Program

gomez and trienenThe Scholar Research Support Program is intended to assist tenure-track or clinical faculty to conduct or complete small investigations that will lead to a publication in a peer reviewed journal. Individual awards will be up to $2,000.

Duration of Award and Final Report

Funds will be awarded for 1 year and cannot be carried over without approval. At the end of the award a final report must be submitted to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies. This should indicate what has been accomplished in terms of publications or further extramural grant applications. A copy of a newly submitted extramural grant application can be used as the final report.

Funding Cycles and Review

Provided sufficient funds are available there will be two review cycles each year.

Due Date
September 1st
February 1st


Start Date (1 year duration)
October 1st
Martch 1st


Reviews will be carried out by the Collegiate Research and Education Committee supplemented with external reviewers to provide expertise as appropriate.

Guidelines for Preparing Applications

The entire application should be no longer than 4 pages (single spaced) not including bibliography and budget; suggestions for the length of each section are given below. (To access the form, see the bottom of this page.)

  1. Specific Aims (What are you planning to do; 1/2 page)

    Briefly describe the overall objectives of your project and the specific problem that you will investigate. State the hypothesis to be tested or the questions to be addressed and list and describe the specific aims.

  2. Background and Significance (Why you are doing this study; 1 page)

    Critically review the most significant literature and explain why the project is important.

  3. Approaches to the Study and Outcomes (2 pages max)
    • Describe the materials, research subjects or population to be used (e.g. biomaterials, animals*, humans**, biopsies, etc.)
    • Describe the methods of data acquisition and analysis
    • Explain what your work will accomplish (e.g., a publication or an application for a College or University seed grant)
  4. Bibliography

    List the references that were cited; give authors, title, journal or book name, volume, pages and year.

  5. Budget

    Itemize and briefly justify costs that are requested; note that funds should not be used for: 1) travel, unless an intrinsic component of the investigation (e.g., transportation to survey sites), 2) computers or major equipment or 3) personnel (other than hourly paid student assistance or biostatistics support).

Application form available electronically: