Become A Research Participant

Why Participate in Clinical Research?

Individuals participate in Clinical Research for a variety of reasons:

  • Altruism - Past participants have remarked that they wanted to help others
  • Remedy - Results of clinical research may provide a cure to an oral health disease
  • Therapy - Some studies help to improve overall dental health care or a specific dental procedure
  • Patient Empowerment - Past participants became more involved in their own dental health

Clinical Research participants (subjects) are a vital component to completing dental clinical research studies. Individuals from across Iowa and its neighboring states have participated in our dental clinical research studies.

Is Dental Clinical Research Safe?

Participants' health, rights and privacy are protected from study recruitment to result reporting.

Health: The Dental Clinical Research Program has a dedicated clinical coordinator who provides clinical trial management services for each phase in a protocol. She is also available to answer your questions throughout your involvement in the study.

Rights: All human subjects research carried out at The University of Iowa or under its auspices must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Projects that have industry- sponsored external support must also be reviewed and approved by the Clinical Trials Office and the Human Subjects Office.

Privacy: A participant's privacy is honored throughout the entire study and beyond. All participants are assigned an unidentifiable alias number for labeling research data. All staff are trained to uphold confidentiality when performing research studies. Research presentations and publications are done without participant names or initials. If photographs are used, it is only with the permission of the participant.

For more information on becoming a research participant, please email Karen Kluesner or call us at 319-335-7377.

Follow this link to Current Clinical Studies being performed at The Office of Clinical Research.