2017 Local AADR Research Day

Poster Displays

Dr. Kacmarynski
Dr. Deborah Kacmarynski delivers Keynote address.
elliott glen
Elliott Glenn (D3) describing his research.
Dr. Amira Ahmed
Dr. Amira Ahmed, operative dentistry resident, explains her research.
Erica Recker and Taylor Postler
Erica Recker (D3) and Taylor Postler (D3) present their research.
Andrew Richter
Andrew Richter (D3) explains his research.
Dr. Kan Wongkamhaeng
Dr. Kan Wongkamhaeng presents his research.


Awards Banquet

Dr. Kim Brogden and Paula Gomez (D3)
Dr. Kim Brogden presented Paula Gomez Hernandez (D3) with the first place award for the Max Smith Poster Competition - Predoctoral.
Dr. Brad Amendt and Mason Sweat
Dr. Brad Amendt presented Mason Sweat (graduate research assistant) with the first place award for the Max Smith Competition - Postdoctoral.
Dr. David Drake and Taylor Postler
Dr. David Drake presented the first place Proctor & Gamble Competition Award - Predoctoral to Taylor Postler (D3).
Dr. Brad Amendt and Sherri Chyi (D3)
Dr. Brad Amendt presented the ADA Table Clinics Competition Award - Predoctoral to Sherri Chyi (D3).
Drs. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong and Amira Ahmed
Dr. Sandra Guzman-Armstrong with first place winner of the ADA Table Clinics Competition - Postdoctoral, Dr. Amira Ahmed.
Drs.Williamson, Nashleanas, Teixeira
Drs. Anne Williamson and Fabricio Teixeira presented the Endodontics Fuller Postdoctoral Award to Dr. Ben Nashleanas.
Dr. Brad Amendt and Madeline Swenson
Dr. Brad Amendt presented Madeline Swenson (D3) with the Iowa Society of Periodontology Predoctoral Award. 
Drs. Brad Amendt and Sarah Rinehart
Dr. Brad Amendt presented the Iowa Society of Periodontology Postdoctoral Award to Dr. Sarah Rinehart.
Drs. Brad Amendt and Watcharaphong Ariyakriangkai
Dr. Brad Amendt presented the Operative Dentistry Postdoctoral Award to Dr. Watcharaphong Ariyakriangkai.
Drs. Brad Amendt and Shawn Countryman
Dr. Brad Amendt presented the Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology Postdoctoral Award to Dr. Shawn Countryman.
Drs. Sheila Daniels and Veersathpurush Allareddy
Dr. Veersathpurush Allareddy presented the Orthodontics Special Award to Dr. Sheila Daniels.
Drs. Deborah Dawson and Kaitlin Hoogeveen
Dr. Deborah Dawson presented the Pediatric Dentistry Postdoctoral Award to Dr. Kaitlin Hoogeveen.
Drs. Brad Amendt and Nyla Balakrishnan
Dr. Brad Amendt presented the Preventive & Community Dentistry Postdoctoral Award to Dr. Nyla Balakrishnan.
Drs. Julie Holloway, Kan Wongkamhaeng and Denry
Drs. Julie Holloway and Isabelle Denry presented the Prosthodontics Postdoctoral Award to Dr. Kan Wongkamhaeng.
Dr. Brad Amendt and Steven Eliason
Dr. Brad Amendt presented the Basic Science Postdoctoral Award to Steven Eliason.
Dr. Teresa Marshall and Andrew Richter
Dr. Teresa Marshall presented the first place Pediatrics Clerkship Award to Andrew Richter (D3).