Health Public Policy & Epidemiology

Epidemiology and behavior research address several areas of dentistry: fluoride issues include the epidemiology of fluoride intake and dental fluorosis, dietary fluoride supplement use, and fluoride assays of local water supplies. Instructional technology issues focus on designing, producing and evaluating computer-based patient simulations; creating, storing and retrieving digital images, and collaborating with organizations outside the dental school to develop computer-based for assessing dental students and practitioners. Research includes evaluating clinical problem-solving and cognitive skills through the use of patient simulations and also new technologies (hardware and software).

Dr. Veerasathpurush Allareddy
Dr. Allareddy's research interests include infant orthopedic outcomes evaluation, early versus late alveolar bone grafting outcomes, quality of care, access to care, and health services research and policy.
Dr. Dan Caplan
Dr. Caplan’s research interests are related to endodontic therapy (decision-making, outcomes), links between oral and systemic diseases, diagnostic testing, and outcomes of clinical dental procedures.
Ms. Marsha Cunningham-Ford
Ms. Cunningham’s research interest is educational research. She has published twenty articles in peer-reviewed professional journals, three text book chapters and presented over thirty-five abstracts at national professional meetings.
Dr. Peter Damiano
Dr. Damiano is a health services researcher whose research focuses on access to primary dental and medical care, especially regarding maternal and child health issues; quality of care; public and private health insurance programs; and health policy. Current externally financed projects include: 1) an NIH-funded study of the early childhood dental issues; 2) a Commonwealth Fund-supported project evaluating the impact of the 2010 Health Care Reform Law on safety net providers in Iowa; 3) an evaluation of the Iowa Medicaid managed care program (MediPASS); 4) an evaluation of the IowaCare program; 5) a statewide study of the health and wellbeing of children and families in Iowa; and 6) outcomes of care for children with cleft lip and palate.
Dr. Justine Kolker
Dr. Kolker’s primary interests are in the areas of oral epidemiology and clinical research. Specifically, she is interested in clinical cariology including the use of the International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS) in education and clinical research.
Dr. Raymond Kuthy
Dr. Kuthy’s primary research interests include effect of extramural dental school programs on willingness to treat underserved populations; oral health needs assessment for local and state level policy development; outcomes of continuing dental education; the dentist workforce; and dental student career decision making.
Dr. Steven Levy
Dr. Levy's research includes various aspects of oral epidemiology. His research with an extensive team of collaborators on the Iowa Fluoride Study (IFS) is investigating the epidemiology of fluoride intake and dental fluorosis; fluoride intake, dietary patterns, and dental caries; esthetic perceptions of dental fluorosis and other conditions; the relationship between infants' and young children's feeding and sucking patterns and dental growth as well as development and malocclusion. Genetic aspects are now being studied concerning dental fluorosis and caries, with expansion to malocclusion about to begin. The bone growth portion of the IFS is called the Iowa Bone Development Study and it also looks at dietary, genetic and physical activity as determinants of bone development in adolescents. Dr. Levy is also part of the interdisciplinary collegiate team involved in early childhood caries prevention. A major study of early childhood caries (ECC) risk assessment will be initiated soon. Other current and recent research projects include health services research concerning the use of water fluoride assay and dietary fluoride supplements, the use of dentifrice by preschool children and the effect of dentifrice flavor, and the validity of, and change in, patient medical histories. His past research projects also include the importance of medication use in dentistry, the measurement and prevention of incipient root surface caries, Alzheimer's disease and oral health, and the epidemiology of oral disease among the elderly, including periodontal disease and factors related to tooth loss.
Dr. Teresa Marshall
Dr. Marshall’s research interests focus on nutrition, oral health, and systemic health.
Dr. Susan McKernan
Dr. McKernan conducts health services research that examines disparities in access to dental care, with an interest in geographical determinants of access and dental workforce availability. Current externally financed projects include: 1) an evaluation of Iowa’s Dental Wellness Plan; 2) an evaluation of the state’s oral health workforce; and 3) a statewide study of geographic barriers to dental care for low income children.
Dr. Michelle McQuistan
Dr. McQuistan’s research investigates issues associated with access to dental care. Her research explores three main topics: oral health literacy, the dental workforce, and the short- and long-term effects of dental students' participation in community-based clinical experiences.
Dr. Elizabeth Momany
Dr. Momany is a health services researcher with an emphasis in outcomes analyses and model building with a special emphasis on vulnerable populations. Recent research has included modeling factors related to the use of dental services for children with chronic conditions in the Iowa Medicaid program, understanding the use of medical and dental services by children with intellectual and/or developmental disability in the Iowa Medicaid program, and evaluating the effects of a family planning waiver on birth rates in Iowa.
Dr. Julie C. Reynolds
Dr. Reynolds’ research broadly involves vulnerable populations’ access to dental services. She is involved in the following externally financed projects: 1) an evaluation of the Iowa Dental Wellness Plan, a dental insurance program for the Medicaid expansion population; 2) a HRSA-funded study of Iowa’s dental workforce; and 3) a project evaluating Iowa’s dental safety net and opportunities for delivery system change.
Dr. John Warren
Dr. Warren's current research includes several studies of factors related to dental caries in early childhood and the prevention of this disease; longitudinal sucking patterns and dental arch development; and longitudinal study of fluoride exposures and dental fluorosis. Dr. Warren is also the director of the College of Dentistry's student research program and the graduate program in dental public health.
Dr. Karin Weber-Gasparoni
Dr. Weber-Gasparoni's research specialties include dental care of patients with special health care needs and infants, toddlers, and children of low-income, high risk populations. Her research includes early dental interventions including early childhood caries, psychological theories of motivation, and public health issues affecting the health of pediatric dental patients.